Vissco Bunion Splint 0729 Universal


Vissco Bunion Splint 0729 Universal

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  • Used for painful bunions.
  • Corrects and prevents the deformity of the big toe.


  • Designed to prevent bunion deformity “bunion” of the great toe.
  • Helps to align the toe in the correct position and reduce pain.
  • Helps slowly return to its original position and prevent further deformity.
  • Pressure of the big toe is well padded for support.
  • Has a moving hinge which provides both rigidity as well as ease of movement.
  • Supports and holds the metatarsal and arch area of the foot with a tight fitting band and can be used in the day or night.
  • Made from neoprene rubber it provides softness as well as retains body heat which aids further recovery.

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