Vissco HC Active Crepe 15cm x 4cm

Vissco HC Active Crepe 15cm x 4cm

MRP: 290.00

  • Provides compressive post-surgery.
  • Gives light orthopaedic support.
  • Recommended for treatment of varicose venous ulcers.

Expert's Advice

Graduated compression achieved by crepe bandage is better than tubular bandage


  • Used for all post operative dressing.
  • Helps correction of false position and posture.
  • Immobilising bandage in clavicular fracture.
  • Functional bandage for distortion, dislocation, ankle sprains.
  • Non fraying edges.

Additional information


10cm x 4m, 15cm x 4m, 6cm x 4m, 8cm x 4m

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