Flamingo Coccyx Cushion Soft


Flamingo Coccyx Cushion Soft

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Product Highlights

  • Ideal coccyx cushion for tailbone pain.
  • Provides cushioning seating.
  • Can reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Universal size.
  • Made of soft density foam.
  • Relieves pressure while sitting.
  • Comes with washable cover.

Expert's Advice

Specially designed coccyx soft cushion provides cushioned seating, relieves pressure on the coccyx and reduces discomfort and pain while sitting; recommended for pregnant women, elders and people having pain in the tail bone.

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MRP: 1,650.00

MRP: 1,650.00

Flamingo Coccyx Cushion Soft

MRP: 1,650.00

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  • Beneficial in coccyx fracture, tail bone pain, SI joint pain, pain due to piles and bed sores.
  • Supports weight up to 90 kg.
  • Egg shell moulded polyurethane for ensuring air circulation.
  • Light weight and easy to transport.
  • Specially designed with U-shaped cut-out area to provide maximum comfort sitting.
  • Can relieve the pressure on your tail bone; also can relieve the pressure from sores and encourages healing process.

Directions of Use

  • Place the cushion on your chair / sofa.
  • Sit on the pillow such that there is no pressure on your tail bone.

Safety Information

  • Hand wash the cover with mild detergent and water.
  • Don’t dry clean.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Flamingo coccyx cushion is specially designed with open portion to reduce the pressure and pain on the coccyx area while sitting.

Flamingo coccyx cushion (soft) is ideal for coccyx pain, tail bone pain, SI joint pain, pain due to piles and bed sores.

Yes. Prolonged sitting can aggravate the common causes of tailbone pain.

Yes. As walking or standing can relieve the pressure on your tailbone, walking is good for coccyx pain.

Avoid prolonged sitting and slouching, have a straight posture and also you can use flamingo coccyx soft cushion to reduce the pain while sitting.