Weight Cuff Single piece 1Kg

Weight Cuff Single piece 1Kg

MRP: 1,000.00

  • Weight sleeve is the primary weight belt you will prerequisite for an entire element practice or treatment program.
  • Used to build muscles, flexibility or to lose weight.

Expert's Advice

Strength training after surgery is compulsory to prevent imbalance of muscles


  • Used by various athletes and professional players to increase their stamina and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Incorporates a long and twofold prosperity catch conclusion for straightforward adaptable and a secured fit.
  • Safe to be used during everyday activities.
  • Sleeve fits comfortably and is pleasant to wear and easy to use.
  • Offers weight resistance when wrapped around.
  • Can be secured easily around to prevent injuries or accidents.
  • Can wrap it around ankle and use for cycling, running and walking.
  • Perfect to use as a wrist or lower leg weight sleeve.
  • Available weights – 1/2kg, 1kg, 2kg.

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1/2 KG, 2KG, 1 Kg

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