Happyglow Depigmentation & Demelanising Cream, 15gm


Happyglow Depigmentation & Demelanising Cream, 15gm

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  • Skin lightning cream.
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Makes the skin bright and radiant

Expert's Advice

You could use this regularly in the day time. If you tend to tan too much then apply sunscreen on top of this.


  • Four active ingredients sabiwhite, p Tero White, Licorice 40% CA, Galanga Ester suppress melanin production and helps to maintain an even skin tone,
  • Protects skin against harmful UV radiation.
  • Before applying Happy Glow cream, clean your face with mild face wash, rinse, pat and dry.
  • Take two-three finger tip size cream and apply evenly. Massage gently on face and neck.
  • PH Balanced.
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