Dermaindia Spot NBUVB/SPOT PUVA | Home Use Phototherapy | With Timer


Dermaindia Spot NBUVB/SPOT PUVA | Home Use Phototherapy | With Timer

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Product Highlights

  • The phototherapy for vitiligo is different combinations of UVA and NBUVB phototherapy.
  • The best UVB lamp for vitiligo that reduces and eliminates various skin conditions.
  • Dermaindia home use light therapy for Skin ailments is easy to operate and user friendly.
  • Light therapy comes with comb attachment makes it comfortable to use at scalp region too.
  • The phototherapy machine provides targeted light therapy.
  • Home use phototherapy light effectively lowers serum bilirubin


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MRP: Offer: 20,460.00You Save: 1,540.00

MRP: Offer: 20,460.00You Save: 1,540.00

Dermaindia Spot NBUVB/SPOT PUVA | Home Use Phototherapy | With Timer

MRP: Offer: 20,460.00You Save: 1,540.00

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  • Phototherapy is the use of light in treatment. This Phototherapy light emits Narrow Band Ultra Violet (NBUV) radiation.
  • The phototherapy for vitiligo can be precisely targeted to affected areas to minimize exposure of uninvolved skin.
  • This UV-B light can be used for recovery from psoriasis, atopic dermatitis/eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis and vitiligo.
  • UV B lamp emits light in broad spectrum of therapeutic wavelength specific to treatment of skin diseases.
  • Vitiligo treatments are taken twice a week
    Don’t miss your regular checkups so that your dermatologist can monitor the progress.
  • Home use phototherapy uses less time consumption and affordable.
  • This phototherapy light treatment’s time and duration should be determined by dermatologists.
  • The UVB phototherapy accommodates patients of any skin type.
  • The phototherapy machine is portable,compact and light.

Key Benefits:

  • Phototherapy light can be used to treat intimate skin areas.
  • Light therapy reduces various skin diseases.
  • This UVB lamp prevents spread of Vitiligo and psoriasis.
  • Targeted phototherapy light at homes.
  • The UVB phototherapy is suitable for all skin types.
  • UVB phototherapy facilitates controlled and rapid treatment.

Directions For Use:

  • Never take phototherapy treatment on consecutive days.
  • Remember to wear eyeshield.
  • Take a trial in front of your physician before using phototherapy light at home.
  • Safer and more effective.


Medical lamps that emits Narrow band UV radiation best suitable for treating skin conditions is used in phototherapy.

Use of light in desired wavelength for treatment of skin diseases.

No. NBUVB and UVA lights can be used.

Fluorescent light in blue green spectrum. Not ultraviolet lights.

May cause photo aging. When used in recommended way your skin can get the benefits of phototherapy. Avoid unwanted exposure.

Dermaindia Spot NBUVB/SPOT PUVA | Home Use Phototherapy is used to treat psoriasis, atopic dermatitis/eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis and vitiligo.

Based on the severity of vitiligo the duration varies. Dermaindia home use phototherapy prevents spread during the initial stage of treatment.

Not to be stopped immediately after recovery.Can use home use phototherapy with NBUVB  treatment less frequently for maintenance and then stop gradually.

Take phototherapy twice or thrice a week with an interval of minimum 48 hours on the same spot. Sessions depends upon the severity and spread. Expose to sunlight to improve effectiveness of the treatment.

Vitiligo being auto immune disease curing it varies from person to person. Can be prevented and controlled and there are lot of treatments that helps in re-pigmentation from phototherapy to melanocyte transplantation surgery. Based on the activeness of the disease tablets can be taken as per the advice of your dermatologist. Your doctor should judge the disease condition.

Prevents spread immediately from first sitting.

MRP:15000. In websites like CUREKA you can get it for lesser price anywhere around 12900 INR.

While using Dermaindia home use phototherapy at home set the prescribed wavelength of light suggested by dermatologist.Wear eyeshield. Target the affected skin area and get exposed to NBUVB light.

Safe and effective when you take under medical supervision.

Long exposure may lead to sunburn , photoaging. Use the recommended wavelength suggested by dermatologist.

Each session cost is determined based on the surface of area to be treated. Psoriasis requires 10 session and vitiligo may require 30 sessions minimum to see improvement.

Dermaindia home phototherapy emits NB-UV-B ray which is the best and quicker treatment option for both vitiligo and psoriasis.

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