Mee Mee Airtight Baby Toddler Feeding Bowl Set


Mee Mee Airtight Baby Toddler Feeding Bowl Set

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Product Highlights

  • Useful for feeding foods for your babies.
  • Set of feeding spoon and bowl. 
  • Airtight lid avoids spit-ups during travel. 
  • Will make meal time easier and joyful. 
  • Made of BPA free, non-toxic and food grade materials. 
  • Ideal for developing weaning habits. 

Note: Colour may vary according to the availability. 

Expert's Advice

Mee mee airtight feeding bowl protects the food from humidity, dust and harmful microorganisms, is ideal for weaning foods to your baby from 6 months and supports your little ones to learn how to eat.

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MRP: 399.00

MRP: 399.00

Mee Mee Airtight Baby Toddler Feeding Bowl Set

MRP: 399.00

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  • Feeding set for feeding foods like cereals, soups, purees to your baby. 
  • Suitable for babies from 6 months. 
  • Bowls are in right size to hold a child’s meal and have soft boundaries with steady base. 
  • Line textured bowl bottom helps you to easily mash the feed for your baby. 
  • Airtight lid keeps the food intact without letting them spill-out even when the bowl is kept slanted or during travelling. 
  • Child friendly sized spoons will make scooping fuss-free.
  • The spoon has smooth & rounded tip, so it will be gentle on your baby’s teeth and gums; its long handle provides good grip while feeding. 
  • All the components of this set are made from high quality propylene material. 
  • Easy to hold, clean, carry and store; thus suitable for travelling. 

Directions of Use

  • Add the food (cereals, soups, purees, etc) into the feeding bowl. 
  • Start feeding your baby with the spoon. 

Safety Information

  • Immediately after each use, rinse with water.
  • Be sure to sterilize before each use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Yes, you should sterilize the feeding bowl every time; because unsterilized feeding bowl can cause illness to your baby. 

Mee mee airtight feeding bowl is best to feed foods to your baby. It comes with a specially designed feeding spoon. 

Get eye contact with your baby, bring the spoon toward your baby’s mouth, waiting for him / her to open and accept the feed, allow enough time to eat & swallow the food and repeat.

Yes. It is microwave friendly, so you can heat the food with this whenever you need. 

Mee mee airtight feeding bowl is made of BPA free, non-toxic and high quality propylene (PP) material.

Start feeding with a half-by-half spoon of the feed once in a day and slowly reduce the usage of bottle and gradually increase the spoon feeding

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