Stiora Adult diapers Medium (28”-44”)


Stiora Adult diapers Medium (28”-44”)

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Product Highlights

  • Disposable single use diaper
  • Has Double Leakage Protectors
  • Delivers comfort and helps maintain skin integrity
  • Comes with a wetness indicator
  • Maximum absorbency and provides upto 8 hours of protection
  • Made of soft and breathable Non-Woven fabric for comfort and promotes healthier skin
  • Available in pack of 10’s
  • Available in  sizes M(28”-44”), L (40”-61”), XL(57”-78”)

Expert's Advice

Stiora Adult Diapers comes with 3D efficient absorbent core with anti-bacterial odour control that quickly absorbs fluid and promotes skin wellness. Suitable for light, moderate and heavy incontinence.

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MRP: 600.00

MRP: 600.00

Stiora Adult diapers Medium (28”-44”)

MRP: 600.00

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  • Stiora adult diapers have a heavy absorbency and delivers superior performance and leakage protection
  • The curved leg elastic on diaper will prevent side leakage as well.
  • A super absorbent core with odour protection quickly wicks away fluid and promotes skin wellness.
  • Has a wetness indicator, which let us know when to change the diaper.
  • The non-woven material is placed on top for dry and soft feeling.
  • Designed for security with magic taps fits a wider range of body shapes and are easily adjustable to get the best fit.
  • Soft cloth-like back sheet delivers comfort and helps maintain skin integrity.
  • Breathable fabric with superior softness provides exceptional fit, and increases airflow and maximum comfort.
  •  Absorbent material help you feel dry day or night.
  • The super absorbent adult diaper can effectively protect and soothe the skin.
  • The Non Woven enhanced top sheet, imported Virgin fluff pulp and SAP help wick away sweat or urine and lock in moisture away from the skin where it may cause irritation or skin damage.
  •  Advanced Dry-Lock Technology helps wick fluid away to lock in moisture.

Directions for Use:

  • Fold the diaper properly, ensure that you do not touch inside of the diaper
  • Place the diaper on front to back with smaller portion running below your legs
  • Adjust the diaper to a comfortable position
  • Tape up the diaper and adjust the edges for your comfort

Safety information:

  • Find the right size of the product according to the waist size
  • Place the disposable diaper in scented disposable bags
  • Choose proper clothing to wear which is comfortable if using a diaper
  • Can use gloves while helping others to wear diaper.


Adult diapers are for people with loss of bladder control which typically applies to old age group people.

They are easy on the skin and made from breathable fabric. They are simple to use, easy to wear and take off. A single diaper can last anywhere between five to eight hours.If overnight diapers it lasts upto twelve hours.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an absorbent product, including:

  • Leakage type (e.g., urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence or both)
  • Leakage amount and corresponding absorbency and coverage levels
  • Flexibility to accommodate one’s varying activity levels
  • Unisex or gender-specific products
  • Size
  • Style (e.g., tab-style or pull-on)
  • Disposable or reusable
  • One’s mobility, dexterity and functional independence regarding activities of daily living like dressing/undressing, toileting and continence care

When your loved one’s skin is dry, open a fresh diaper, and tuck the side farthest from you under the hip. Flatten and position the rest of the diaper on the bed, smoothing the sheets underneath as well. Roll your loved one back toward you onto the diaper. Pull the diaper between their legs.

A person who is bedridden needs to have their diaper changed every 2-3 hours when they have urinary incontinence. However, if an individual who is bedridden soils themselves they need to be changed as soon as possible as this can be harmful for them in the long run.

Solutions to Stop and Prevent an Adult Diaper from Leaking are

  1. Include booster pads in your shopping list.
  2. Make sure that the diaper is snug around your legs.
  3. Use overnight products, even during the day.
  4. Buy reusable backup underpads.
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