What are the Do’s and Don’ts about Diapers for Adults?

What are the Do’s and Don’ts about Diapers for Adults?

Adult diapers are the finest way to tackle urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is general amongst the elderly however; it might happen to anybody at all ages. Around 15-20% of elderly people get affected due to urinary incontinence. These figures with prolonged medical situations or that are in the care homes could go up by 70%. Obesity, surgeries, multiple pregnancies, and medications like diabetic medications are common sources of this condition. Cognitive impairment and strokes are some other possibility factors.

No need to get embarrassed in wearing diapers for adults as they help you improve your life quality.

As adult diapers could provide an adult with the freedom of enjoying life without disturbing about leakage or requirements of going bathroom regularly, how effectively they rely on their suitable use. In case, you are using adult diapers or your loved one is using them, here are some do’s as well as don’ts, which will help you get maximum benefits from.

Adult Diapers – Do’s and Don’ts


  • Check the available brands in the market. Some of them are very absorbent, which could be worn for a long time (more expensive) and lesser absorbent ones, which require getting changed frequently (less expensive). Utilize the type, which suits your requirements the best.
  • Always maintain sufficient stock of diapers at home as you never identify when you may need a new one suddenly.
  • Care needs to be taken to make sure that there is no irritation or skin peeling.
  • If the requirement to urinate is more at night compared during the day, wear a larger and spongier diaper while sleeping to get the restless disturbed.
  • In case, the diapers become uncomfortable and wet, change them as quickly as possible because a wet diaper scrubbing against the skin for longer periods may cause infections and rashes.
  • Make sure that the adult diapers you are using are of the right size. With a too large size, the leakage risk is greater, and a too smaller size would be uncomfortable.
  • Use antiseptic wipes to sponge yourself while changing diapers.
  • While traveling, make sure that you get sufficient to cover for a trip as adult diapers are not easily available, particularly in small towns.


  • Don’t feel ashamed about using adult diapers. They are a necessity, just like using spectacles for better vision.
  • Don’t flush the utilized diapers down to the toilet. They won’t dissolve as well as may cause blockages.
  • Don’t overuse coffee, tea, aerated drinks, as well as spicy foods. They all are diuretics, which will increase the requirement of emptying the bladder.
  • Don’t reduce water intake for reducing the levels of urine made. Staying hydrated is very important for health.
  • Don’t utilize other products including sanitary napkins rather than diapers as both are spongy however, the difference in design, size, and the way liquids are absorbed indicates that they are not compatible.
  • Don’t wear a diaper, which is wet for a long time just because you want to avoid the efforts of changing that as it would result in infections and rashes.
  • Don’t wear any diaper, which is longer than recommended.


Adult diapers are used to provide you with confidence and freedom back. In case, you are not sure about utilizing them or have any questions about their usage, just talk to a geriatrician to get the advice you need to find the right adult diaper, wear that correctly as well as return to better life enjoyment.