Friends Premium Adult Diapers, Tape Style, 10 Hours Protection – XL (10 Diapers)

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Friends Premium Adult Diapers, Tape Style, 10 Hours Protection – XL (10 Diapers)

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Product Highlights

  • Adults diaper is designed with super absorbent high end gel core.
  • Friends premium adult diaper Locks in fluid rapidly without giving wet feel.
  • Friends premium tape style diaper Delivers triple protection – odour, leak and moisture.
  • Suitable for severe urine incontinence .
  • Adult tape diaper Provides 10 hours protection from leakage.
  • Anti bacterial core prevents infection and rashes.
  • Tape style adult diapers available in sizes M,L,XL
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MRP: Offer: 495.00You Save: 105.00

Friends Premium Adult Diapers, Tape Style, 10 Hours Protection – XL (10 Diapers)

MRP: Offer: 495.00You Save: 105.00

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  • Friends adult diaper with high end dual core padding in the target zone gives better absorption and quickly locks in fluid by converting it to gel.
  • Adult diaper with 2 pairs of refastenable tapes allows adjustment multiple times, frontal tapes for repeated adjustments to get comfortable snug fit.
  • Friends premium adult diaper Leak guard provides maximum protection from leakage upto 10 hours and spills and faeces containment.
  • Wetness indicator ink fades away when the diaper is full and notes the time to change new diaper.
  • Specially designed by keeping indian body type on mind with available sizes M( waist size 28 to 44 inches / 71 to 112 cm),L (waist size 38 to 60 inches / 96 to 152 cm),XL( waist size 48 – 68 inches / 122 to 173 cm).

Direction of use:

Sleeping position:

  • Open the diaper lengthwise without touching the inner surface and slide under the back. Raise the lower panel between the legs.
  • Fold the diaper around the waist and fasten the tapes.
  • First fasten the lower tapes and then the upper tapes.

Standing position:

  • Position the open diaper on back and raise the lower panel in between the legs.
  • Fasten the lower tapes and then fasten the upper tapes.

Disposing instruction:

  • If the diaper contains faeces , please empty the faecal matter in the toilet and flush . Do not flush the diaper.
  • Wrap the diaper in paper and dispose in a covered dust bin.

Safety information:

  • Do not use more than 10 hours.
  • If soiled or contain faecal matter change immediately.
  • Clean the diaper area well during every change.
  • Do not reuse the diaper and do not flush.
  • If soiled change immediately.


Diapers are helpful for adults with conditions like incontinence, mobility impairment, severe diarrhea, and bedridden.

FRIENDS PREMIUM ADULT DIAPERS – 10 HOURS PROTECTION XL TAPE DIAPERS is Designed to last for 10 hours. Recommended to change if wetness indiactor fades before 10 hours.

Yes better support for elderly and old age people at home who cannot rush to toilet and friends adult diaper works with triple action – odour lock, leak proof and moisture free.

Recommended to change 4 to 5 diapers per day to maintain hygiene and prevent infection. Remember to wipe well the diaper area at every change.

Friend premium adult diaper are available in sizes M( waist size 28 to 44 inches / 71 to 112 cm),L (waist size 38 to 60 inches / 96 to 152 cm),XL( waist size 48 – 68 inches / 122 to 173 cm).

Yes . Useful for people with dementia and urine incontinence. If they are emotional try wearing diaper while they dress up.

Can be used It varies depending upon the level of urine upto 10 hours.  If you feel its insufficient to cater the needs choose friends adult overnight diaper.

Yes formulated with anti bacterial quick absorption core that turns liquid to gel and locks in odour and suitable for 10 hours use.

No designed with refastenable tapes that can be used multiple times and gives you comfortable snug fit.

Premium adult diapers with super absorbent high end dual core for 10 hours protection for heavy absorption, easy adult diapers with super absorbent core for 8 hours protection for moderate incontinence, and overnight adult diapers with wood pulp and super absorbent polymer for 16 hours protection for patients with high urine incontinence.

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