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Product Highlights

  • Advanced leakage protection for upto 12-16 hours.
  • Suitable for overnight and day time usage.
  • extra absorbent core with dual padding converts liquid into gel.
  • Rapid absorption for dry and comfortable feel.
  • Wetness indicator denotes need for diaper change.
  • Leak proof leg cuff barrier prevents spills and leakage.

Expert's Advice

Overnight adult diapers Come with an upgraded diaper closure system and advanced technology for overnight protection to manage heavy incontinence in both men and women.

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  • Extra absorbent core comes with dual padding that provides a higher absorption and makes it comfortable to wear for longer durations.
  • Distributes fluid rapidly with acquisition distribution layer and converts into gel easily with a quick lock system.
  • Provides advanced leakage protection upto 12 to 16 hours and suitable for people with heavy incontinence without dampness.
  • Breathable textile back sheet are extra soft on skin and gives comfortable fit with refastenable tapes.
  • Available in sizes M (28 to 45 inches), L (38 to 54 inches) and XL (48 to 57 inches).
  • Barrier leg cuffs for leakage prevention,better urine and faecal containment, hypoallergenic for protection from skin rashes and irritation.

Direction of use

  • Place the diaper between the legs front to back. 
  • The narrow portion should be between the legs.
  • Refasten the tapes to get snug fit.

Safety information

  • Avoid touching inside with your hands to prevent contamination.
  • Check wetness indicator regularly and change if the indicator fades.
  • Change diaper immediately if soiled.
  • Wash and maintain hygiene of diaper area thoroughly before changing.


Premium adult diapers with super absorbent dual core for 10-12 hours protection for medium and mild urine incontinence, magna adult diapers for super absorbent core for 8 to 10 hours protection for medium incontinence, and overnight adult diapers with extra absorbent core with dual padding for 12 to 16 hours protection for patients with high urine incontinence.

Romsons dignity overnight adult diapers are designed with extra absorbent core with dual padding that quickly turns liquid into gel and offers 12 to 16 hours leakage protection.

It varies from person to person. Diapers like romsons dignity overnight adult diapers comes with wetness indicator that fades and indicates the time to change the diaper.

Night time diapers has very good absorption capacity than day time protection and use overnight diapers for night time use.

Yes adult diapers with overnioght leakage protection are available to offer maximum 16 hours leakage protection.

Use your waist circumference to select the diaper size M for waist circumference 28 to 45 inches, L for waist circumference 38 to 54 inches and XL for waist circumference 48 to 57 inches.

Specially designed leak guard with better leg cuffs minimizes the risk of any leakage or spill due to movement or diaper displacement.

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