Vissco Finger Splint Base Balltype Universal

Vissco Finger Splint Base Balltype Universal

MRP: 158.00

  • Holds the entire finger in proper position after injury to promote healing and to prevent further injury.
  • Supports the tip of the finger; the weakest and most vulnerable to injury.


  • Heals the injured fingers by holding it in the correct position and also prevents them from further injuries.
  • Maintains the finger in correct position comfortably with ¼” thick padding.
  • Hyper flexion injuries due to hit of the ball in games like cricket and baseball.
  • Provides a rigid support to the finger and helps in healing and prevent re-injury.
  • Made of strong malleable aluminum laminated with high-density foam.
  • Customized with easily bent and adjustable design to mold the finger by retaining its strength.
  • Used for treating Baseball Finger, Mallet Finger, Extensor Tendon Injury or Dropped Finger.
  • Recommended for treatment of Mallet Finger, Baseball Finger, Dropped Finger or Extensor Tendon Injury.
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