3M Opticlude Orthoptic Eye Patch 5cm*6.2cm 1537/20 Box of 20


3M Opticlude Orthoptic Eye Patch 5cm*6.2cm 1537/20 Box of 20

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Product Highlights

  • Can be worn on preferred eye either left or right.
  • Made up of breathable material.
  • Oval shape and tan colour.
  • Absorbs any eye secretions while wearing.
  • Skin friendly adhesive.
  • Hypoallergenic and reduces risk of skin irritation.

Expert's Advice

3M Opticlude Orthoptic Eye Patches are used to recover from childhood strabismus (lazy eye syndrome), eye occlusion (narrow / blockage in blood vessels supplying blood to retina) and amblyopia (decreased visual development).

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3M Opticlude Orthoptic Eye Patch 5cm*6.2cm 1537/20 Box of 20

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  • Can be used for occlusion during surgery.
  • Made up of non-woven micro porous breathable material that do not interfere with skin’s normal functioning.
  • Contains non adherent absorbent pad at center to absorb any eye secretion and prevent sticking.
  • Can be applied even if the kid wear glasses.
  • Absorbs little sweating too without getting peeled off.
  • Permits free movement of eyelids.
  • Convenient and easy to apply.

Product benefits

  • Encourages functioning of weaker eye with dim vision.
  • Doctor recommended
  • Gentle on skin
  • Sticks well yet easy to remove.
  • Size 5cm x 6.2 suitable for kids.


  • Lazy eye syndrome.
  • Squints
  • Cross eyes
  • Occlusion therapy
  • Amblyopia

Direction of use


  • Clean and dry the skin around the eyes.
  • Gently close both eyes without shrinking the muscles.
  • Apply eye patch with narrow end towards the nose. Do not stretch or pull the patch.
  • Gently apply pressure with fingertips around the eye patch to secure.


  • Grasp and loosen the outer edge of the eye patch at the nose side.
  • Hold the skin with your fingers gently. Remove the tape slowly peeling the eye patch towards the ear. While removing remember to hold it close to the skin surface do not raise.

Safety information:

  • If the patch is strongly adhered use a medical grade adhesive remover or moisturizer (approved to use around the eye) to soften the adhesive.
  • Do not apply over oily/wet skin as it does not stick well.
  • Discard if soiled.
  • Refer to the enclosed leaflet before usage.
  • Not recommended for children after 10 years unless and until recommended by healthcare professional.


Eye patches used for treating childhood strabismus and amblyopia also known as lazy eye.

Apply 3Mopticlude orthoptic eye patch with the narrow end towards the nose. Do not stretch. Apply to clean dry skin only. Secure the adhesive tape. To remove at the nose side of eye patch, grasp and loosen the outer edge and remove the tape slowly.

Wear at least for 6 hours per day.

Treatment of amblyopia involves the child using the weaker eye more. This helps the eye get stronger. To make the child use the weaker eye he/she should wear eye patch over the stronger eye.

Beneficial for the eye. Patches may irritate the skin around the eye and may cause rashes.

Opticlude eye patches come with eye-catching designs and popular characters to encourage child wear patches. Choose kids range of eye patches.

It has not been proven effective for adults with lazy eye.

If handled properly you can use it twice/thrice.

Wearing an eye patch is a simple, cost- effective treatment of lazy eye at the earlier stage. It helps improve vision in weaker eye.

Depending upon the severity the use varies. Consult ophthalmologist for more information.

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