Dr. Odin Digital Blood Pressure monitor BPCBOA-3H


Dr. Odin Digital Blood Pressure monitor BPCBOA-3H

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Product Highlights

  • Dr.Odin Digital Blood Pressure Monitor works on intelligent pressure technology
  •  Digital Blood Pressure Monitor which is used to measure blood pressure even on the go
  • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor which has a large LCD Display, USB port
  • Blood pressure monitor featured with Automatic shut down facility
  • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor that supports two users with memory storage feature
  • An Upper arm BP monitor
  • Easy to carry BP(Blood Pressure) monitor when you are travelling
  • Has WHO Function ( (World Health Organization) which provides steps for governments, manufacturers, health care providers to ensure accurate BP measurement for clinical purposes) facility

Expert's Advice

Dr. Odin Digital Blood Pressure monitor BPCBOA-3H has blood pressure sensor which is a non-invasive sensor designed to measure human blood pressure. It measures systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressure utilizing the oscillometric method.

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MRP: 2,300.00

MRP: 2,300.00

Dr. Odin Digital Blood Pressure monitor BPCBOA-3H

MRP: 2,300.00

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  • Electronic digital BP machine for use by adults at home or in doctor’s/nurse’s office.
  • Enables a high-speed and reliable measurement of blood pressure as well as the pulse rate.
  • A highly accurate device and features body movement detection that sets it apart from other blood monitors. 
  • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with an automatic shutdown system, intelligent pressure, large LCD display, USB port, and memory of 2×120.
  • Available with a memory feature to let you check and compare the historical data of the patient easily

Directions for Use

  • Place the arm cuff just above your elbow. 
  • Keep still and quiet while you take your reading. 
  • Take two or three readings, each about one to two minutes apart. 
  • Keep a record of your measurements.

Safety Information

  • Keep the patient in the right sitting or sleeping position so that the readings wont deviate
  • Make sure that the batteries of the devices are not low
  • Tighten the cuff properly, it should not be too loose and should not be too tight as well


The Heartbeat Symbol flashes when the blood pressure reading stored in the memory is above 135 for the Systolic Blood Pressure value and/or above 85 for the Diastolic Blood Pressure value.

A blood pressure monitor, or sphygmomanometer, uses an inflatable air-bladder cuff and a listening device or pressure sensor to measure blood pressure in an artery.

A digital blood pressure monitor is a fully or semi-automated, simple, lightweight machine used for monitoring blood pressure. It measures blood pressure and pulse simply and quickly and is easy to use, reliable and portable.

With the cuff on your bare arm, sit in an upright position with back supported, feet flat on the floor and your arm supported at heart level. Make sure the bottom of the cuff is directly above the bend of the elbow. Relax for about five minutes before taking a measurement.

If you are experiencing error codes during the early stages of an attempted BP measurement, it is most likely due to a blocked hose or a leak in the hose, connector or cuff. Check for any leaks by listening closely to the hose, connector and cuffs and also make sure you, or the patient, are not stepping on the hose.

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