AVN Lumbaton Plus Soft Gel Capsules (Pack of 1) (60 Capsules)

Lumbaton Plus
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AVN Lumbaton Plus Soft Gel Capsules (Pack of 1) (60 Capsules)

Brand/Mfr. : AVN

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Product Highlights

  • Diminishes pain.
  • Lumbatone plus controls and reduces muscle pain.
  • Alleviates pain.
  • Cap lumbaton plus eeduces swelling post injury.
  • AVN lumbaton plus soft gel capsules reduces low back pain.

Expert's Advice

Capsule gives total freedom from pain, inflammation, swelling due to injury, improper posture and obesity too.

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  • Lumbaton plus restores the freedom of movement, liberate from low back pain.
  • Administrated for joint pain, swelling, sprain, disc regeneration.
  • Ayurvedic proprietary medicine formulated for pain management.
  • Lumbaton soft gel capsules relieves pain and inflammation.
  • Used to prevent lumbago and sciatica.

Product benefits

  • Lumbaton soft gel capsules uses to relieves sprain and muscular spasm.
  • Nourishes the disc
  • Prevents Sciatica.
  • Heals ligament injury.
  • Lumbaton plus benefits to maintains nerve health.

Key ingredients

  • Devadaru- reduces swelling.
  • Guggul – pain relief.
  • Punarnava – suppress inflammation.

Other ingredients

Taila, eranda taila, sahachara, kasmari, gokshura, vilwa,patala, syonaka, bhadra, bruhati, prisnipami, saliparni, agnimantha, amruta, devadaru, punarnava, gandharvahasta, guggulu, satapushpa, takara, usira, manjishta, ela, priyangu, hribera, ksheera.

Recommended dosage

  • Lumbatone plus 2 capsules a day after the meal 2-3 times a day.
  • To get benefits of lumbaton plus tablets continue regularly for a period of 3 months.

Safety information

  • Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Consult doctor before using the medication.
  • Not known to cause any adverse side effects.


To relieve pain and swelling especially on low back and spinal region.

Soft gel capsule formulated with herbs and prescribed as ayurvedic medicine for pain management.

Pain killers are recommended to be used only as per medical direction. Your doctor decides the best pain relief medication based on the injury.

Tablets are intended for use only when prescribed by a doctor. If a person prefers ayurvedic means of pain relief tablets one can choose AVN lumbaton plus soft gel capsules.

It is always essential to identify the root cause of pain before testing on any kind of medication .AVN lumbaton plus capsules are formulated with herbs for joint pain relief.

AVN lumbaton plus contain herbs that regenerates and repairs disc and aids in better recovery of low back pain through Ayurvedic means.

Exercise and yoga can help. If your low back pain is due to improper posture or obesity rule out the main cause of the pain to stay pain free.

Relieves pain and inflammation, sprain and muscle spasm, repairs nerve damage, heals ligaments post injury.

Not known side effects has been reported.

Ayurveda has pain relief drugs , oils and other preparations that eases pain. Go for the option suggested by your doctor.

Regular exercise, healthy diet and bone health maintenance can help to get relief from lower back pain. If a person wishes to intake pain killer can go for AVN lumbaton plus soft gels that are ayurvedic solution for pain management.

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