Sunova Organic Spirulina Tablet (500 mg)


Sunova Organic Spirulina Tablet (500 mg)

Brand/Mfr. : Sunova

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Product Highlights

  • Certified organic superfood derived from blue-green algae
  • Plays an important role in the management of body metabolism, reducing fatigue, reproduction, sprains and inflammation.
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  • Highly nutritious blend of protein
  • Reduces muscle weakness & corrects sexual weakness.
  • Helps to provide the supply of oxygen required for contraction of muscles
  • Rich Source of vitamin A, B2, B9 and C
  • Vegetarian source of vitamin B2
  • Boosts brain function and powerful antioxidant
  • Maintain healthy blood cell and helps to boost energy
  • Rich in minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, Pottasium , Calcium and Iron
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