Flamingo Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer Large OC2038


Flamingo Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer Large OC2038

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Product Highlights

  • Immobilizes the shoulder joint.
  • Shoulder cap delivers extra grip.
  • Restricts movement and promotes faster healing.
  • Can be used as post operative support after injury.
  • Available in 2 attractive colours – black and beige.
  • Can be worn on both left and right side.
  • Available in  sizes – S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL.

Expert's Advice

Elastic shoulder immobilizer positions the arm closer to the body with shoulder cap that improves grip and speeds up the process of healing in conditions like Shoulder dislocation, shoulder pain, clavicle fracture, shoulder labral tear.

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MRP: Offer: 585.00You Save: 185.00

MRP: Offer: 585.00You Save: 185.00

Flamingo Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer Large OC2038

MRP: Offer: 585.00You Save: 185.00

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  • Provides immobilization of shoulder joint and promotes the healing process.
  • Offers stability and relieves pain post trauma, injury and surgery.
  • Highly flexible, fits both arm, durable elastic for longer use.
  • Measure circumference around the chest and choose size as follows:S- 75-85 cms, M – 85 – 95 cms, L -95-105, XL – 105-115 cms, 2XL -115-125 cms, 3XL  125-135 cms.
  • Can be handwashed with mild detergent and dry it on flat surface.
  • Flexible, comfortable, and easy to wear and remove.

Direction of Use

  • Open the elastic shoulder immobilizer
  • Encircle the chest band around the upper torso of the patient
  • Wrap the arm and the wrist of the affected side of the patient
  • Position shoulder cap on the affected shoulder.
  • Adhere hook and loop.

Safety information

  • Do not dry clean, machine wash, or bleach.
  • Use as per medical advice.


Flamingo Elastic shoulder immobilizer is one of the effective support to immobilize and support the dislocated shoulder.

Flamingo elastic shoulder immobilizer is used in the fracture of clavicle bone and the shoulder joint where immobilization of the region is indispensable.

Usually recommended for 4-6 weeks and the duration varies according to the level of injury.

You can move your hand, wrist and fingers but the immobilizer limits the full motion of your arm to promote fracture healing.

Until your doctor says you don’t need to wear sling or immobilizer any more.

Additional shoulder cap ensures better grip and will not slip while wearing.

A break can heal without surgery only if the bones haven’t shifted apart. You should wear immobilizer or sling while it heals.

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