Jovees Anti Pigmentation Blemish Cream 60G

Jovees Anti Pigmentation Blemish Cream 60G

MRP: 240.00

  • Restores clarity and radiance
  • For all skin types


  • Natural moisturizing enhancement properties along with unique blend of herbs and botanical extracts help to refine skin tone,
  • Minimizes pigmentation marks and clears blemishes.
  • Helps improve skin clarity and reduces the appearance of discoloration.
  • Lavender has an anti-inflammatory property, that reduces skin irritation and makes your skin look more evenly colored
  • Apricot sage will smoothen your skin and nourish it a unique way
  • Rose mary will treat acne and balance the oil secretion on your facial skin
  • Scientifically developed Ayurvedic formulation and State-of-the-art manufacturing processes that do not mitigate the properties of the ingredients.
  • Clean face and apply all over face, neck and areas that have blemishes and pigmentation.
  • Regular use ensures smooth and even colour tone.
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