Pigeon breast pump pro personal


Pigeon breast pump pro personal

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Product Highlights

  • Electrically operated breast pump
  • Super silent motor, lightweight and portable.
  • Indicates baby’s natural sucking rhythm.
  • 5 adjustable suction pressure levels.
  • The perfect sealing air cushion fits perfectly to the breast.
  • Flange cushion pad delivers comfort while expressing milk.

Expert's Advice

Stimulates the breasts that enable mothers to have comfortable and successful breastmilk expression with faster let-down and unique Push Lever allows complete control over the adjustable pumping cycle to imitate baby's sucking pattern and encourage milk flow.

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MRP: Offer: 8,266.00You Save: 2,733.00

MRP: Offer: 8,266.00You Save: 2,733.00

Pigeon breast pump pro personal

MRP: Offer: 8,266.00You Save: 2,733.00

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  • Equipped with multi breast milk expression modes- simple mode and natural mode.
  • Simple mode can be chosen by women who needs breastfeed at a certain rhythm.
  • Natural mode for gentle and firm suction rhythms that include changes in strength and speed.
  • Flange cushion pad gently fits to the breast with nice cushioning structure and does not cause pain or irritation while expressing milk.
  • 5 adjustable suction pressure levels can be chosen for preferred suction strength in natural mode.
  • The motor is entirely independent and prevents backflow of the expressed breast milk.
  • Super silent motor enables expressing milk anywhere and anytime in complete privacy.
  • More hygienic as all parts can be detached and sterilized before and after every use.
  • Expressed breast milk can be fed to the baby directly using the attached nipple set.


  • Electric motor
  • AC adapter
  • Pump body and pump body cap
  • Inner cup
  • Milk valve
  • Flange and flange cushion pad
  • Bottle and bottle stand
  • Nipple (SS size), hood and cap

Direction of use:

  • Clean and sterilize all the accessories.
  • Centre the nipple in the flanges
  • Switch on the motor and Keep the pump at low speed
  • Once the milk starts let down choose the desired suction speed and express milk.

Safety information:

  • Please read the instructions carefully before using the pump.
  • After use clean all accessories thoroughly with detergent and brush before disinfecting.
  • Do not use brush to clean the silicon valve as it is very soft and may cause damage.


An electric breast pump is ideal for women who express milk exclusively as it is faster than manual pump.

Manual breast pump needs time and energy to express milk whereas electric pump are easier and more convenient as the motor does the pumping job. It depends on the person who chooses it according their convenience.

At the intial stage of use you may feel discomfort but not pain. Discomfort settles once the milk let down begins.

Using high suction pressure may cause damage to nipples in some women. So choose suction pressure wisely and pain free level that makes you comfortable.

Yes can be used to express milk when you have sore nipples. But make sure that you clean and wipe the area before pumping to avoid contamination.If you notice bleeding avoid using a breast pump..

Usually you need 15 to 20 minutes each side to get a very good amount of breast milk. But pump until the flow gets slower and the breast feels drained.

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