Medela Cooler Bag


Medela Cooler Bag

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Product Highlights

  • Easy to carry breast milk storing cooler bag.
  • Can be used to transport milk from your home to work place.
  • Keeps the expressed breast milk cool and safe.
  • Comes with 4 medela breast milk bottles.

Expert's Advice

Medela cooler bag and bottle set can be used as a secondary container to transport your breast milk from home to work, keeps your valuable expressed milk cool and safe.

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MRP: 5,867.00

MRP: 5,867.00

Medela Cooler Bag

MRP: 5,867.00

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  • Medela cooler bag comes with four Medela breast milk bottles and a separate cooling element.
  • Cooler bag is perfect for safely transporting breast milk while keeping it cool.
  • Contoured ice pack is specially designed for medela bottles and maximizes breast milk storage time.
  • The insulation on the inside of the bag will keep the expressed breast milk cool for longer.
  • BPA free bottles; thus totally safe for you and your baby.

Directions of Use

  • Fill the medela storage bottle with expressed breast milk.
  • Place it inside the cooler bag. 

Safety Information

  • Refer to the enclosed manual carefully. 
  • Wash the bottles before first use and after each use. 
  • Sanitize / disinfect the bottles before first use and once per day.
  • Store the expressed milk in a well sterilized bottle / container. 
  • Do not use the breast milk from bottles that show signs of damage.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


You can use medela cooler bag to transport expressed breast milk while keeping it safe and cool.

It can safely stores expressed breast milk for up to 12 hours; you need to place the breast milk bottles next to the cooler packs as soon as possible after pumping.

Medela cooler bag has a contoured shape to fit medela breast milk bottles safely and also maximize the storage time. 

Yes. Medela cooler bag comes with 4 breast milk storage bottles. 

Yes. You can buy Medela cooler bag via online using healthcare websites like CUREKA with special offers. 

Yes, it’s okay to mix breast milk from different pumping sessions, you need to cool the milk to the same temperature before mixing them together.

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