Medela Harmony – Manual Breast Pump


Medela Harmony – Manual Breast Pump

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Product Highlights

  • Easy to use manual breast pump with handle.
  • Uses 2 modes for expressing breast milk stimulation mode and expression mode.
  • Ideal for moms who need pumping occasionally. 
  • Ergonomically designed handle for convenient usage. 
  • PersonalFit breast shield for effective pumping. 
  • Lightweight and portable; so suitable for travelling.

Expert's Advice

Specially designed manual breast pump is small enough to carry as there is no need for batteries, wires and big set up; ideal to be used as a replacement of electric breast pump during traveling and for moms who need breast pump occasionally.

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MRP: 2,499.00

MRP: 2,499.00

Medela Harmony – Manual Breast Pump

MRP: 2,499.00

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  • Specially designed manual breast pump provides comfortable and gentle breast pumping experience. 
  • This pump set includes everything that is needed for expressing and storing breast milk.
  • Bottle comes with a lid and stand to maintain proper hygiene and avoid accidental slippage. 
  • Lighter, quieter and easier to carry along with you.  
  • 2-phase Expression® technology intuitive handle mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythms; this ensures comfortable feel. 
  • PersonalFit Flex breast shield has 105-degree opening angle, soft rim and oval shape for a better fit, puts less pressure on your milk ducts than traditional breast shields.
  • This breast shield can be easily adjusted to fit the breast and results in a more effective and comfortable pumping experience. 


  • 1x PersonalFit Breastshield (24 mm)
  • 1x Handle
  • 1x 2-component connector
  • 1x Diaphragm / stem with O-ring
  • 1x Valve head
  • 2x Valve membrane
  • 1x Bottle 150ml with lid
  • 1x Bottle stand
  • 1x Instructions for Use

Directions of Use

  • Assemble all the parts of the pump carefully (refer enclosed manual for pictorial representation). 
  • Carefully push the breast shield into the top opening of the connector.
  • Place the valve membrane in a horizontal position on the valve head; the membrane must lie flat on the head. 
  • Push the valve head onto the inner sleeve of the connector; the valve head must be positioned sideways (refer manual). 
  • Screw the bottle into the connector.
  • Insert the stem (with the O-ring) into the hole on the upper side of the diaphragm; make sure that the oval shaped base of the stem is aligned correctly to the diaphragm. 
  • Place the diaphragm into the pump handle and press down firmly around the entire edge to ensure a proper seal. 
  • Insert the stem of the handle assembly in the opening on top of the connector and push until the stem locks into place.
  • Now, place the breast shield on your breast so that the nipple is properly centered in the tunnel. 
  • Hold the breast shield and connector onto your breast with your thumb and index finger. 
  • Support your breast with the palm of your hand. 
  • Start pumping with stimulation: Using your thumb, press down the smaller part of the handle. Press and release quickly, again and again, until your milk starts to flow.
  • Once your milk starts to flow, switch to expression: With your fingers, press down the lower, longer part of the handle. By doing so, you build up a vacuum that facilitates the milk flow (you control the level of the vacuum with the speed of the handle stroke and the compression that is created); decide yourself which pumping rhythm is the best for you. 
  • Stop pumping when you feel that the milk does not flow anymore or when the bottle is full.
  • Unscrew the bottle from the connector; use the bottle stand to prevent the bottle from tipping over. 
  • Close the bottle with a lid and store it.

Safety Information

  • Refer the enclosed manual carefully. 
  • Clean all parts that come in contact with the breast and breast milk immediately after use to avoid dry up of milk residues and to prevent growth of bacteria.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching the pump parts and breasts.
  • Avoid touching the inside of bottles and lids.
  • Check the pump components for wear or damage before use. Replace if necessary.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Yes. This Medela harmony breast pump is washable and reusable; wash all the components in warm water and dry it on a clean cloth. 

Medela harmony manual breast pump is ideal for travelling as it is lightweight, portable and easy to use; it is small enough to carry in your hand bag and there is no need for wires, batteries or socket. 

Yes. Medela harmony manual breast pump is specially designed with ergonomic handle for easy and convenient application and its unique breast shield ensures more milk flow. 

It is normal to experience some swelling or more blood flow to the breast when you begin to pump, it will go back to normal once you wean from the pump. 

There is no special cleaning process needed, just wipe your nipples with a clean cloth.

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