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Insight On Face Pack

Insight On Face Pack

Facial packs or masks are excellent beauty treatments that immensely improve skin health.

Why use a Face Pack?

The skin is located at the surface of the body, and is constantly exposed to environmental pollution, oil imbalance and aging process. All these factors cause degradation of collagen fibers and elastic fibers present in the skin, thus leading to skin dehydration and wrinkling. Face packs counter the above changes, as it penetrates deep down the subcutaneous tissues to deliver the required nutrients when applied externally. Daily cleansercleanser removes impurities from skin surface, but face packs can cleanse deep up to the pores.

How to apply your face pack ?

The pack should be applied evenly on wet face and left for optimum duration for its action. After complete drying, it is removed with the help of a wet sponge. Face masks instantly improves the skin texture immediately after single use. Weekly once or twice use is enough for a good toned glowing skin.

Types Of Face Packs

Face packs are broadly classified into the following categories:

• Plastic masks: Wax, latex, and vinyl-based
• Hydrocolloid masks: Gel masks
• Argillaceous masks: Clay and earth-based

Choosing The Face Pack For Your Skin Type

Face packs are basically additives formulated to deliver desired benefits to the skin. Similar to cleansers and Moisturizer, different face masks are available match different skin types and their problems.
Nowadays various types of packs are available separately for the oily, normal and dry skin.

• Hydrating masks like hydrocolloid, hydrogel, and hydro peptide masks can be used for dry skin, especially during the winter. They are available as cream sheets and help to retain skin moisture by decreasing the transepidermal water loss.

• Clay or mud containing face mask are recommended for oily skin prone to develop acne to control the sebum secretion from sebaceous glands and fight acne-causing bacteria.

• Face masks containing hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. They are being widely used in antiaging therapy.
Face packs are easy to use and store, non-toxic and non-allergic. They supply vital nourishment to the skin and tend to be a must in skin care regime for instant grooming and in premature aging.

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