Jilichem SCK03 First Aid Kit (Vehicle, Home, Workplace)

  • Keeps you prepared for most common mishaps, accidents, and minor injuries.
  • Ideal for the Small Work Place Office, Home, And Vehicle.


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  • Essential for minor wound treatment, protection, aches, and pains.
  • Small, convenient First Aid Bag.
  • This Kit Contains the following – Jaa fiver tab:-10 Tab, Jaa infekson eye drops -10 Ml, Jaa pain tab:-10 Tab, Jaa vomit tab:-10 Tab.
  • ORS powder pouch 4.5 GM:-4.5 Gm, Jaa cold Rub:-5 G, Eye wash Cup:-1 Pc Needle:-1 Pc, Pair of Sizzer:-1 Pc, Hand gloves:-1 Pc.
  • Ear Buds:-10 Pc, Adhesive tape:-1 Pc, Sugar ( Pharma Grade):-1 Pouch, Salt ( Pharma Grade ):-1 Pouch, Dressing gauze pad small:-1 Pc, Dressing pad small:-1 Pc.
  • Dressing ointment tube:-10 Gm, Jaa Septic solution:-50 Ml, Dressing Finger Bandage :-2 Set,
  • Dressing Hand Bandage :-2 Set.
  • Dressing foot Bandage:-2 Set, Self adhesive medicated aid long:-2 Set, Self adhesive medicated aid square:-2 Set.
  • Self adhesive medicated aid round:-2 Set, Boric acid:-8 Gm, Tourniquet belt:-1 Pc, Dressing absorbant cotton :-1 Pc.