Jilichem SCK03 First Aid Kit


Jilichem SCK03 First Aid Kit

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Product Highlights

  • First aid kit for home, vehicle and work place.
  • Mountable and fully transparent kit.
  • Includes all the essential items.
  • For necessary aid before medical help arrives.
  • To reduce the severity of the wound.

Expert's Advice

First aid kit is a must-have item in every households and offices; it gives a confident to react immediately at an accident / injury and will reduce the severity of the injury.

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MRP: Offer: 699.00You Save: 111.00

Jilichem SCK03 First Aid Kit

MRP: Offer: 699.00You Save: 111.00

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  • Necessary first aid treatment reduces the risk of infection and severity of the injury.
  • Helps to prevent the situation from becoming worse.
  • First aid at the right time can save lives.
  • Quick care of injury can reduce the recovery time.
  • Prevents an injury from becoming more severe or chronic problem.

Contents of the kit

  • Jaa Fiver Tab: 10 Tab
  • Jaa Infekson Eye Drops: 10 Ml
  • Jaa Pain Tab: 10 Tab
  • Jaa Vomit Tab: 10 Tab
  • ORS Powder Pouch : 4.5 Gm
  • Jaa Cold Rub: 5 G
  • Eye Wash Cup: 1 Pc
  • Needle: 1 Pc
  • Pair Of Sizzer: 1 Pc
  • Hand Gloves: 1 Pc
  • Ear Buds: 10 Pc
  • Adhesive Tape: 1 Pc
  • Sugar ( Pharma Grade): 1 Pouch
  • Salt (Pharma Grade): 1 Pouch
  • Dressing Gauze Pad Small: 1 Pc
  • Dressing Pad Small: 1 Pc
  • Dressing Oint Tube: 10 Gm
  • Jaa Septic Solution: 50 Ml
  • Dressing Finger Bandage : 2 Set
  • Dressing Hand Bandage : 2 Set
  • Dressing Foot Bandage: 2 Set
  • Self Adhesive Medicated Aid Long: 2 Set
  • Self Adhesive Medicated Aid Square: 2 Set
  • Self Adhesive Medicated Aid Round: 2 Set
  • Boric Acid: 8 Gm
  • Toruniquet Belt: 1 Pc
  • Dressing Absorbunt Cotton : 1 Pc

Product Benefits

  • Easy to carry.
  • Convenient first aid bag.
  • 27 items.
  • Instant medical care.
  • Prevents excessive blood loss.
  • Can reduce recovery time.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


First aid is the first and immediate assistance given to a person who is suffering from either a minor or major injury / illness, before the medical help arrives.

Having first aid kit in the workplace helps to ensure the safety of the employees, reduces the severity of the situation if they fall ill or meet with a sudden injury; so first aid kit is a must-have item in every workplace.

Instant medical care, Prevents excessive blood loss, Can reduce recovery time, Necessary aid before medical help arrives, Reduces the severity of the wound.

The number of first aides depends on the number of employees, number of shifts, nature of the work, area of the workplace and possibilities level of hazard.

First aid is a first care before getting medical help; the purpose of first aid is to preserve life, prevents severity and promotes recovery. In office, the first aid kit can provide emergency medication and improves confidence in the safety of the workplace.

Call 112 only for emergency purposes like a serious injury, when you could not stop the bleeding and don’t know what to do next, if the person becomes unconscious or having head injury. You can call 112 and seek medical advice. Don’t make a call without any emergency or for minor injuries; it can delay in getting emergency medical assistance to someone who really needs that.

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