Flamingo Classic Shower Chair OC2304


Flamingo Classic Shower Chair OC2304

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Product Highlights

  • Specially designed shower chair. 
  • Comes with slightly curved seat. 
  • Beneficial for elders and persons who have to sit while taking shower. 
  • Universal size.
  • Has four legs with anti-skid rubber tips.

Expert's Advice

Shower chair designed to help people who find difficulty in standing to take a bath / shower; ideal for elders, patients and persons with disability.

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MRP: Offer: 1,499.00You Save: 451.00

MRP: Offer: 1,499.00You Save: 451.00

Flamingo Classic Shower Chair OC2304

MRP: Offer: 1,499.00You Save: 451.00

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  • Portable shower chair designed to provide comfort and convenience during lavatory activities. 
  • Unique curve design of the seat ensures better sitting experience.
  • Has drainage holes to reduce the risk of slipping and for more comfort. 
  • Ideal shower chair for elder persons, physically challenged persons and patients who need to sit while taking a bath or shower. 
  • Can be used by anyone who can’t stand for a long time because of their knee and / or back pain.

Safety information

Keep out of reach of children.


Shower chairs are designed to give you something to sit for people who can’t stand to take bath / shower, keeps you safe and supported.

Flamingo classic shower chair will be a best supportive aid while taking shower as it is specially designed with unique curved shape seat and angled legs.

The difference between them is, shower chair is used to give assistance in taking bath by shower and bath chair is designed to fit in the bath tub

Yes. Flamingo shower chair can provide much-needed stability for elders in the shower; it will give a comfortable resting place while showering and can prevent falling. 

Using a shower chair helps to increase safety and decreases the chance of falling by providing a secure area in a slippery shower or bath.

The MRP of flamingo classic shower chair is Rs. 1950. Use healthcare websites like CUREKA to get best discounts on healthcare products.

Using a shower chair while taking bath / shower can give you an extra support and comfort; you can use shower chair until you get better mobility. 

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