Flamingo Cervical Pillow OC 2032

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Flamingo Cervical Pillow OC 2032

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Product Highlights


  • Soft and comfortable cervical pillow.
  • Supports neck and spine.
  • Delivers sleeping support in 2 ways.
  • Gives comfortable sleep.
  • Made from resilient PU foam.
  • Available in jumbo and regular size.

Expert's Advice

Recommended for people suffering from cervical stiffness, spondylosis and postural stress and strain to keep the neck in extension while sleeping giving rest to the spine in both side sleeping and back sleeping.

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MRP: 980.00

MRP: 980.00

Flamingo Cervical Pillow OC 2032

MRP: 980.00

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  • Provides support to neck and improves spinal alignment.
  • Improves sleep quality and delivers sleep support in 2 ways – side sleeping and back sleeping.
  • Made up of soft and comfortable fabric, hi-density foam for durability and longevity.
  • Offers relief from neck pain and helps in sleeping comfortably.

Direction of use

Place the pillow comfortably with high end towards the neck and flat end on head.

Safety information

  • Maintain hygiene standards.
  • Do not fold the pillow


Yes they make your neck feel better and you sleep better.

Cervical pillows offer good cervical (part of the backbone where your neck is) support and can relieve neck pain and improve rest.

Helps improve your posture while you sleep by relieving and supporting tense muscles in your neck and shoulder, increasing blood flow to your head.

Sleeping without a pillow can reduce neck pain and back pain for some sleepers. But using flamingo cervical pillow will support your neck and spine and relieves neck pain to give comfortable sleep.

If you are switching from traditional pillow to cervical pillow it may take a transition period of few days to adjust but comforts well.

Contours to the shape of cervical spine, provides support to the neck and scientifically designed to improve spinal alignment and relieve pain.