Tynor Cervical traction (sleeping) with weight bag

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Tynor Cervical traction (sleeping) with weight bag

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Product Highlights

  • It relieves pressure by stretching the musculature and connective tissue components of the cervical spine.
  • Convenient to use at home also
  • Delivers controlled continuous traction
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Maintains the reduced frictional losses
  • Available in universal size

Expert's Advice

Designed to provide traction to the cervical and upper dorsal vertebras, expands the intervertebral joint space and relieves pressure on the anterior vertebral bodies in conditions like Cervical spondylitis, Fractures of cervical spine, Cervical disc disease, Torticollis, Mechanical stress due to poor posture

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MRP: 1,985.00

MRP: 1,985.00

Tynor Cervical traction (sleeping) with weight bag

MRP: 1,985.00

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  • Kit includes traction pulley bracket, cervical traction head halter, cervical traction spreader bar, traction cord 10 ft., traction weight bag.
  • Conveniently used at homes as like hospitals.
  • Can be used in sleeping posture.
  • Pulley is ergonomically designed to fit any bed side.
  • Soft padded head halter provides a comfortable interface for the traction
  • Easy to wear , use and also to remove
  • Durable and sturdy for a long life and multiple use

Direction to use

  • The Cervical Traction Overhead Pulley is either hung on the top of a door or on the wall using wall bracket
  • The Cervical Traction Head Halter is held around the neck with one pad holding the chin and the other on the back/occipital part of the head
  • The two strings from the Cervical Traction Head Halter are hooked to the slots in the cervical traction spreader bar
  • Cervical Traction Spreader Bar is then connected to the weights through Traction Cord and Cervical Traction Overdoor Pulley

Safety information

  • Hand wash with mild detergent
  • Do not dry clean or bleach
  • Read the instruction label carefully before using


Duration of cervical traction can range from a few minutes to 20 to 30 min, once or twice weekly to several times per day.

Cervical Traction should be avoided in any condition of the cervical spine where movement can aggravate the condition or result in spinal instability, spinal injury and nerve root injury at risk for causing paralysis or ischemia.

Works well by relieving pressure, relaxing stiff muscles in the injured neck region

The purpose of traction is to realign the body part back to place and hold it steady, stabilize and realign bone fractures, such as a fractured neck, and reduce the pain of a fracture before surgery.

No, this Cervical Traction Kit is to be used while lying down. To use in sitting position choose tynor cervical traction kit (sitting) with weight bag.

Yes, the Traction can be adjusted using the Spreader Bar attached to the Traction Cord and a Pulley system.

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