Mee Mee Cotton Balls


Mee Mee Cotton Balls

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Product Highlights

  • Multipurpose cotton balls for babies.
  • Used to clean / dry between your baby’s fingers and toes.
  • 100% natural cotton for total safety.
  • Can be used for cosmetic purposes also.
  • Pack of 100 pieces.

Expert's Advice

Mee mee cotton balls are ideal to clean the baby’s skin, natural cotton will be soft and gentle towards the skin; can be used for babies from birth.

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MRP: 179.00

MRP: 179.00

Mee Mee Cotton Balls

MRP: 179.00

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  • Cotton balls to clean / dry between baby’ fingers, toes and around the eyes.
  • Will be extra soft and gentle on the baby’s skin.
  • Helps you to maintain proper hygiene.
  • Naturally soft, gentle and easily absorbent for safe usage.

Directions of Use

  • Soak a cotton ball in some warm water and squeeze out extra water.
  • Clean your baby’s skin (between fingers / toes / around eyes) with it.
  • Throw away the used one.

Safety Information

  • Use a new cotton ball for each wipe; never reuse.
  • Throw away the used one.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


No. Mee mee cotton balls are made of 100% natural cotton so will not cause any irritation to the skin.

You can use a wet cotton ball or washcloth to clean your baby’s face; gently wipe the baby’s skin with it.

No. You should not insert cotton balls into your baby’s ears; you can only wipe the outer side of the ear with a cotton ball.

You should never reuse mee mee cotton balls; use a fresh cotton balls for each wipe and throw away the used one.

Many cheap cotton balls with low quality are available which may cause harm to the baby’s skin; so use natural cotton balls like mee mee cotton balls only for your baby.

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