Pur Gentle Touch Wide Neck Nipple (2 Packs)


Pur Gentle Touch Wide Neck Nipple (2 Packs)

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Product Highlights

  • Designed to make bottle feeding easier 
  • Offers perfect feeding for your baby and the flexibility you deserve.
  • Easy to latch on
  • The nipple flexes, stretches and moves just like a mother’s breast.
  • Used to bottle feed a baby with hygiene and care. 

Expert's Advice

Great for babies to learn latching mechanism. It features a natural breast shape that avoids nipple confusion, allowing convenient switching from breast to bottle feeding of your baby.Ideal for babies from 3 months.

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MRP: 400.00

MRP: 400.00

Pur Gentle Touch Wide Neck Nipple (2 Packs)

MRP: 400.00

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  • The natural shaped nipple encourages your baby to latch on similar to the natural action of breast feeding
  • The nipple’s surface is very soft, yet it does not collapse easily
  • Promotes better digestion that enables better sleeping.
  • Made from thick ultra-soft silicone material
  • Its wide shape makes baby’s mouth open naturally
  • Supports its mouth softly and fits on lips gently

Directions For Use

  • Make sure your baby’s chin isn’t tucked into their chest. 
  • Aim your baby’s lower lip away from the base of the nipple. 
  • Baby’s lips should be turned outward like a fish.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of the children


Wide-neck bottles are also called wide-mouth bottles because they offer a wider, sloped nipple that is shaped like a breast. This makes them great for breastfed babies and babies with a wider latch.

Nipple levels differ based on flow rate (how quickly your baby can get milk). Young babies take in smaller amounts at a time, so they need nipples with slower flow. These level one nipples tend to mimic breastfeeding because they require similar muscles.

Standard nipples fit into standard cap rings (collars) that screw onto standard bottles. Wide nipples fit into wide cap rings that screw onto wide bottles. Standard nipples are sometimes called narrow because they are less wide as other bottles.

Check if the nipple

  • reaches deeply into your baby’s mouth
  • allows your baby’s lips to rest on a portion of the nipple base and form a complete seal
  • helps your baby maintain a wide gape while bottle-feeding
  • Sucking hard.
  • Flattening the nipple.
  • Getting aggravated (squirming, kicking, pushing the bottle away, etc.).
  • Smacking at the bottle.
  • Taking a long time to feed (30 minutes or more).
  • Eating less at feedings but getting hungry again soon after.
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