Hair breakage at crown: how does it happen and how to repair it?

Hair breakage at crown: how does it happen and how to repair it?


Among the most prominent tests men and women face are hair breakage and hair loss at the crown (top part of the head). It can be very frustrating if you struggle, but we promise you’re not alone!

Fixing hair breakage at the crown

No magic is there in correcting the hair breakage. This needs patience and suitable products. The nice thing is that any hair breakage at the crown is completely reversible. You can have different ways of helping your scalp and hair recover. It could need some patience and time to get results, but your hair will thank you if you follow these steps for protecting hair and stick with the healing routine.

Please understand that all these tips are for women who think that hair breakage at top of your head isn’t a medical condition that includes poor diet and stress.

Here are some essential tips to help your crown recuperate and stay healthy:

Give your hair complete rest.

If you always have the hair pulled in a tight hairstyle, including tight braids or a sleek bun, try and change your hairstyle and wear your hair down whenever you can. If you can’t wear the hair down, try loosening up the regular hairdo or get another hairstyle that doesn’t jerk as much. Don’t pull hair as fitted as usual if you avoid it; the scalp will say thank you!

Reduce the heat

Heat tools like blower dryers can be very hot and result in your scalp getting dried out and damaging the hair. The crown area is particularly vulnerable to heat dried out from the heat. If you utilize any heat tools on the hair, try to turn down heat settings so they don’t become too hot and use the relaxed environment on the blow dryers rather than getting any heat. Obviously, try and limit the usage of tools overall if you can, or save them for particular occasions.

Increase your hydration

Moisture is a vital part of any healthy scalp and hair. Make sure you drink plenty of water daily. In colder months, heaters can dry your space; therefore, using a humidifier will help you keep the moisture levels well-balanced. And whenever the weather becomes dry, use a humidifier in the bedroom, house, or office to assist you in keeping the environment safe from becoming too dried out.

Take a massage

As you don’t need to pull on hair too much, a gentle scalp massage using hair oil will increase blood flow and result in healthy hair growth. The usage of hair oil could also add additional moisture to your scalp.

Use all your fingertips and gently massage with circular motions throughout your head. For longer nails, be careful, and you won’t snag hair or scratch yourself.

It is suggested to have a massage for a minimum of a few minutes. You can give a gentle head massage to yourself every day. But certainly, the critical factor here is gentle! A rugged massage with pulling and tugging can do more harm than good.


Everybody’s hair is different; therefore, what works fine for a few people may not work well for you. Therefore, research, keep an open mind, try various products, and keep patience. Repairing damaged hair will take ample time. However, you’ll be glad that you can fix that.

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