Look Young Forever

Look Young Forever

Aging is a process which begins from the day one is born. This clock never stops ticking till your last breathe. Skin changes are the ones which give way for all to assess one’s age and thankfully there is so much to: if not reverse, improve it a lot with the great armamentarium of procedures available.

Extrinsic aging is the type of ageing which is due to ultraviolet radiation air pollution and cigarette smoking and many more external causes. Which reflects on skin. Aging cannot be stopped but can be modified with the varied treatments and procedures.

Anti wrinkle creams flood the markets and claims to be magical, but they do have a lot of limitations. Anti Aging Creams usually contain retinol (Vit.A derivative) which helps in collagen remodeling compound. Hydroxy acids alpha and beta flake the top layers of the skin which make skin smooth gives a good sheen. Grape seed, Vit.C , Niacinamide (Vit.b3) are all antioxidants. Hyoluronic acid + Enzyme Q10 moisturize the skin. If one begins by their early 20’s these creams will surely prove of value in your late 30’s.

Radio Frequency

Radio frequency is a very simple noninvasive popular procedure for skin tightening. It has very good results on the face, under eyes, neck, thighs, abdomen & hands. Energy is passed deep into the skin without damaging the top layers, this deep delivered energy remodels collagen (the cells responsible for skin tightening) and yields desired tissue tightening which lifts the skin and makes one look younger.

Intense Pulse Light

Intense Pulse Light is commonly known as a light-based skin treatment technology. This uses very short bursts of high-intensity light to penetrate just below the surface of the skin which breaks pigment cells (melanin) this reducing age spots and discolorations of the skin. It reduces broken blood vessels (which are very small and seen as one age).It also rebuilds collagen & elastin which are responsible to cause the aging effect. This is a gold standard treatment the facial rejuvenation and has no side effects neither down time.


Botulinium toxid are magical infections which uses very thin needles to wipe away wrinkles from the face. They can clear away frown lines, crows feet, forehead furrows and soften smile lines. When done with a skilled doctor. The injections need to be repeated once in 4-6 months and have not reported to cause any problems in the long run.

Platelet-rich Plasma

This is a very new technique in which ones own blood is processed to get platelets which releases growth factors which stimulate dermal cells to make skin look younger and fuller. This is injected into the skin with fine needles and special techniques. As it is autologous (one’s own plasma) has no side effects and the results last for long.

Thread lifts

There are varieties of absorbable threads which can be injected into the skin to give a good lift to the skin. This has no downtime and the patient can walk out looking younger immediately. Gives an instant lift on smile lines, jowls, double chin & sagging skin in the neck. Results last for more than a year and may need top ups in between to mountain.

Lasers in Aging

There are several lasers which play a role in keeping one’s skin young. Nd Yag laser is the mildest effect laser which improves the sheen in the skin. QS NdYag also plays a role in tightening the skin and reducing blemishes.

Fractional Lasers

Fractional Lasers (Erbium laser more preferable) are quite effective in improving fine lines decreasing age spots and tightening skin. This procedure has downtime and will need 4-5 days for the patient to get clear skin.

Not only dealing with sagging or blotchy skin is an issue during aging. The development of skin tags and giant comedones are also age-related and need to be addressed to. Removal with a cautery or erbium or Carbon dioxide laser is necessary to keep skin clear.

In ladies, unwanted hair growth will also be a general problem especially nearing menopause. There are many hair removal lasers the best to pick would be Nd Yag and Diode Regular use of sunscreen with a proper SPF is key in preventing photoaging (aging due to exposure to sunlight).

Fountain of youth is a myth and one has to accept aging gracefully. With the number of treatments one can look and feel good with age and there is no second thought about it. Treatments available today are multiple and what is needed and one wants are always parallel lines which never meet.

Dr. Hema Sathish
M.B.B.S ,D.D,(UK)
Cosmetic Dermatologist