7 Essential Medical Equipment For Home Healthcare

7 Essential Medical Equipment For Home Healthcare

“Unhealthy lifestyle, diet, and routine causes many health-related problems”, is a very clichéd and well-known fact. Experts in the medical field constantly create awareness. Layman and professional caregivers are making use of a wide variety of technologies, in non-institutional settings to manage their health, assist others with health care, or receive assistance with health management. Similarly, the use of medical equipment has become much easier to use with proper instructions being followed. Listed below are some of the most popular medical equipments you should consider investing for your personal use.


Regular digital thermometers use electronic heat sensors to record body temperature. These thermometers can be used in the rectum, mouth or armpit. Armpit temperatures are usually the least accurate. A digital thermometer is appropriate for newborns, infants, children, and adults.


If you have diabetes, self-testing your blood sugar (blood glucose) can be an important tool in managing your treatment plan and preventing diabetes complications. You can test your blood sugar at home with a portable electronic device (glucose meter) that measures sugar level in a small drop of your blood.


Nebulizers are devices used to administer medication that need to be inhaled into the lungs. Usually, it requires 5 to 10 minutes to get medicine to the lungs. Nebulizers are used for treating asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis and other respiratory problems.

Weighing Machine

Weighing machine calculates your weight and helps in having a track of your weight loss programs. Some high-end digital scales also provide additional information about your health such as your BMI, body fat percentage, etc. which is extremely useful for those trying to lose weight and improving body composition.


The purpose of pulse Oximeter is to check how well your heart is pumping oxygen through your body. It may be used to monitor the health of individuals with any type of condition that can affect blood oxygen levels.

BP Monitor

BP Monitor encompasses an inflatable cuff and manometer to check the blood pressure. These instruments are a must-have at home to keep track of blood pressure regularly.

Mobility Equipment

Mobility Equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches are necessary for houses with people who need support. These equipment will make the patient mobile at home.

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