Is it a heart attack??? Do’s and Don’ts

Is it a heart attack??? Do’s and Don’ts

Beware when u have

  1. Any type of chest discomfort squeezing (or) compressing.
  2. Profuse sweating.
  3. Pain in back, shoulder, arms, neck (or) Jaw.
  4. Weakness (or) feeling unusually tired.
  5. Difficulty in breathing.
  6. Everyone is  Different  and  Individual  Circumstances  will vary 


  1. Calm down
  2. Lie in bed immediately
  3. Don’t be nervous
  4. Loosen any tight clothing
  5. Keep nitroglycerin tablet under  the tongue (if available)
  6. If pain not relieved call doctor immediately

Don’ts  :

  1. Don’t delay to consult a doctor (or) reach emergency service in hospital
  2. Don’t drive your self
  3. Don’t leave the person alone except to call for help if necessary
  4. Don’t allow the person to deny the symptoms and convince not to call for emergency help.
  5. Don’t give anything by mouth unless a heart medicine such as nitroglycerin.

Dr.R. Saravanan

M.D.,D.M(Cardio) F.N.B(Interventional cardiology)

Devadoss Multispeciality Hospital