Trichospire Hair Kit, Cyclical Therapy for Hair |


Trichospire Hair Kit, Cyclical Therapy for Hair |

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Product Highlights

  • Cyclic nutritional supplement that helps in hair growth and prevents hair fall.
  • Works within the scalp for proven results.
  • Treats , controls and prevents hair loss.

Expert's Advice

Prescribed nutritional supplement for gray hair, biotin defect and regulates the sebum secretion.

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MRP: Offer: 1,019.00You Save: 180.00

Trichospire Hair Kit, Cyclical Therapy for Hair |

MRP: Offer: 1,019.00You Save: 180.00

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Trichospire hair kit is a nutritional supplement containing amino acids, multi-minerals, multivitamins, and calcium that promotes hair growth. It is used to reduce hair loss and grey hair. It regulates sebum secretion. It improves hair health by making it stronger, silkier and thicker.

Long description

  • Systematic treatment of micronutrients helps promote hair growth.
  • Trichospire hair kit contains cyclically well programmed nutrition of vitamins, minerals and
  • amino acids that improves hair health and gives thicker, shinier , stronger hair.
  • This medicine is prescribed for hair fall, helps to prevent hair loss, greying of hair and thus maintain hair health.
  • Gives hair healthy look without dryness and frizziness.
  • Avoid missing the dose, if you have missed by chance skip the particular dose and take the next dose as per schedule.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose or don’t take two doses together. Strictly follow as prescribed by your dermatologist
  • Consume the tablet and tablet after meal with a glass of water.

Key Benefits:

  • The trichospire hair growth tablets have proven hair growth with systematic supplementation of nutrients.
  • Complete nutrition for healthy hair.
  • Stimulates Hair Growth on the scalp.
  • 100% vegetarian kit for men and women.
  • Trichospire hair kit contains cyclically well-programmed nutrition.
  • Increases blood circulation to the scalp.
  • Strengthens hair follicles.
  • Trichospire hair kit gives shinier and stronger hair.

trichospire hair kit ingredients:

  • Biotin 10 mg
  • calcium pantothenate 5
  • elemental calcium 100 mg
  • elemental iron 14mg
  • elemental magnesium 50 mg
  • folic acid 150 mcg
  • glycine 12.8 mg
  • L-Arginine 23.5 mg
  • L-Cysteine 3.9 mg
  • L-glutamic acid 61.7 mg
  • L-histidine 7.7mg
  • L-isoleucine 14.6 mg
  • L-leucine 23 mg
  • L-lysine 19.6mg
  • L- valine 14 mg
  • Methionine 40 mg
  • Niacinamide 15 mg
  • Tryptophan 3.6mg
  • vitamin C 40 mg
  • vitamin E 5 mg.

Directions For Use:

  • To take multivitamin tablets for hair follow your doctor’s instructions for dosage and duration.
  • Please do not exceed the suggested daily dose.
  • Swallow the entire vitamin e tablet/capsule for hair with a glass of water, preferably with meals, or as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Try not to break, crush, or chew the tablet.


  • Cap. Trichospire 1 : 1 cap
  • Tab. Trichospire 2 : 1 tab


  • Tab. Trichospire 3 : 1 tab
  • Tab. Trichospire 4 : 1 tab


  • Cap. Trichospire 5 : 1 cap
  • Cap. Trichospire 6 : 1 cap
  • Two tablets/capsules each either after Breakfast or Dinner


Trichospire hair kit side effects

To take supplements hair growth products follow your doctor’s instructions when taking this medication. You may suffer common side effects such as:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Stomach pain

These adverse effects do not necessitate medical concern and will fade away with time. However, if these symptoms persist or worsen, see your doctor as soon as possible.


Trichospire Hair Kit Unboxing & Dosage Explained

How to use Ethicare Trichospire Hairkit? Explained by Dermatologist


Trichospire hair kit is a cyclic nutritional therapy containing amino acids, multimineral, and multivitamins that promotes hair growth. It improves the growth of healthy hair cells.

It is very helpful in reducing hair loss and grey hair too. Improves circulation and thus strengthens hair roots and initiates hair growth.

This hair supplement comes in a combination of both capsule and tablet.

  • Monday and Thursday – 1 capsule and 1 tablet.
  • Tuesday and Friday – 1 tablet and 1 tablet.
  • Wednesday and Saturday – 1 capsule and 1 capsule.

Other supplements contain only specific types of nutrients essential for hair growth. But hair loss may be due to lots of reasons and hair needs all essential micronutrients to be healthy. Trichospire hair kit contains all essential nutrients. Thus it could trigger hair growth due to loss or deficiency of any kind of nutrition.

Yes, it suits both men and women.

For 6 months for better results.

Supplements are not medications but they may interfere in your medication. So always consult your healthcare practitioner before starting.

Formulated to prevent baldness, Alopecia, Telogen effluvium, and all types of hair loss patterns commonly seen in men and women.

Yes. It is 100 % Vegetarian.

Consult your doctor before using it.

Yes. It is advised for use in women. But if you are breastfeeding please consult your Gynecologist or Dermatologist before using it.

Use this as prescribed by your doctor. Some people may experience nausea, stomach pain, headache which is very rare and resolves over time and these symptoms do not require any medical concern.

Contains Vitamin B9 that helps prevent greying.

Mostly not recommended. But your dermatologist or trichologist must decide that.

This is a nutritional supplement for hair growth and does not contain harmful ingredients.

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