Nicotex 2mg Mint Plus Flavor Sugar Free


Nicotex 2mg Mint Plus Flavor Sugar Free

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Product Highlights

  • Less craving to nicotine use.
  • Helps quit smoking in 12 weeks.
  • Helps minimize withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking.
  • Clinically proven nicotine replacement thearapy
  • Does not contain harmful ingredients like tar or carbon monoxide.

Expert's Advice

The principal mechanism of action of nicotex- nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is to partially replace the nicotine formally obtained from tobacco.

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Nicotex 2mg Mint Plus Flavor Sugar Free

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  • It provides small and sustained quantities of nicotine without the harmful gases of smoking, to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and carvings.
  • These gums should be chewed slowly unlikely regular gums to get the most nicotine out of them.
  • Works by adjusting the body to take less nicotine until a person does nor crave nicotine.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy is a WHO approved program that helps to quit smoking within just 12 weeks.
  • After regular usage over time a person does not crave for nicotine anymore.


Nicotine polacrilex gum USP 2 mg – nicotine replacement.

Product benefits

  • Nicotine replacement therapy.
  • Smoking cessation aid.
  • Helps quit tobacco
  • Chewing gum-like tablets.
  • Manages nicotine craving.
  • Mint flavor.
  • Sugar free.

Direction of use

  • Chew after 15 minutes of eating or drinking.
  • Chew until you get peppery taste of nicotine.
  • Then let rest the gum between your cheek and gums.
  • When you feel that there is no taste in the gum then chew it again.
  • Reduce dosage slowly after a period of time

Safety information

  • Do not suddenly quit tobacco use as it may cause ‘withdrawal symptoms’ like nervousness, irritability, headache, craving tobacco, weight gain and difficulty concentrating.
  • These side effects does not need any medical attention but if symptoms persist contact doctor.
  • Contact doctor before starting or using nicotex 2 mg SF mint plus chewing gum.
  • Not advisable for people under 18 years.


Yes nicotex is a sugar free formulation in fresh mint flavor.

Nicotex is less toxic than tobacco and free from harmful chemicals like tar or carbon monoxide.

Nicotine replacement product is a best tool to help one quit smoking. But may cause raise in blood sugar so consult doctor before using.

Do not eat or drink while using the gum.

2mg nicotine is advised for patients who smokes less than 25 cigarettes a day.

Chew until you can taste the nicotine roughly about 30 minutes.

Nicotex gum helps you quit smoking using the principle of nicotine replacement therapy. It helps reduce smoking gradually.

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