What Is Gum Disease? How to Keep Your Gums Healthy?

What Is Gum Disease? How to Keep Your Gums Healthy?

What Is Gum Disease?

There are two stages of any gum disease – Gingivitis is the earliest stage, which only affects your gums. If not treated in time, gingivitis may convert into a more severe gum disease named periodontitis.

Gum disease is the result of germs available in the plaque (sticky and colorless film, which continuously forms in teeth). If you don’t remove it through regular brushing & flossing, this plaque can backlog, and harden to create tartar.

How to Keep Your Gums Healthy?

Keeping your gums healthy is very important. Unhealthy gums respond in form of bleeding gum even with the smallest of irritation. Bleeding gums need teeth cleaning. Always get that done by the dentist every 6 months for keeping gums healthy as well as teeth healthier. Let’s understand how to keep gums healthy.

  • Oral Hygiene – The Main Priority

Good oral hygiene means healthy gums! You should brush your teeth regularly with the right method two times a day as well as don’t brush too aggressively. You should floss at least once daily and clean your tongue.

  • These Nutrients are Very Important

Eating foods enriched with Vitamin C assists in keeping gums strong and healthy. You may also drink a glass of Amla water or juice for healthy gums. Other foods include Tea Tree Oil, Neem Extract, and Calcium-Enrich Foods.

  • Quit Smoking & Tobacco

Smoking is very bad for your mouth and lungs. Despite causing tobacco-associated mouth cancers, smoking increases the chances of having severe gum diseases. It also ensures that gum disease grows extremely fast! Quit smoking and tobacco to get healthy gums.

  • Don’t Use Toothpicks

Using toothpicks as well as other harsh objects for removing the food, which is stuck in-between the teeth may cause cuts in the mouth. Replace toothpicks and use floss picks as well as ensure that you don’t use any sharp objects to remove the food in your mouth.

  • Massage Gums Regularly

It’s a very common myth that gums become weaker with age. The gums would continue to become stronger if you look after them. Your gums need some care just like you take care of your teeth. People having 40+ age can massage gums regularly using gum astringent recommended by a dentist or using any easy home remedies.

  • Periodically Visit Your Dentist

A dentist would be a trusted partner in oral health. Ensure you visit your dentist every 6 months as well as whenever you sense that you have some oral health problem. Doing consistent teeth cleanings is the finest way to take care of your gums and make sure that you won’t have gum disease– following a good routine of oral hygiene is in your control!


Keep your gums healthy as it is easy to accomplish, as well as it looks and feels great! It indicates that bacteria haven’t existed between your teeth having easy access to your body! Also, you should smile more while having healthy teeth as well as healthy gums as laughter and happiness are the finest reasons to do something!