Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar, claims to have the number of health benefits. Many of the benefits claimed remains unproved but this sour wine does bring some benefits when added on to your diet.

MAINTAINING HEALTHY SUGAR LEVEL: Apple cider vinegar has anti-glycemic properties which help with the insulin sensitivity. It even blocks the digestion of starch and hence maintains healthy blood sugar level.

WEIGHT LOSS: Acetic acid found in ACV slows down the fat accumulation and increases the metabolism. It makes the appetite less and thereby we eat less after taking a teaspoon of ACV before a meal.

LOWERS CHOLESTEROL: ACV lowers the triglyceride level and maintains healthy cholesterol in the body. It also protects us from arterial damage.

DETOXIFIES: The acid in ACV helps in removing the toxins and promotes circulation. It detoxifies the liver.

HELPS IN INDIGESTION: Sipping ACV before a meal helps in digestion. The fermented vinegar aids in digestion and lowers the appetite.

PREVENTS CANCER: It is well known antioxidant properties in any food reduces the risk of cancer. Apple Cider Vinegar capsules contains polyphenols which help in fighting oxidative stress.

PREVENTS NASAL CONGESTION: The potassium in ACV thins the mucus and the acid prohibits the germ growth which helps in preventing nasal congestion.

PREVENTS DANDRUFF: ACV changes the pH level of the scalp, preventing the yeast growth, leaving the hair dandruff free.

FOR ACNE: The acid in ACV acts as a natural toner and helps in keeping the acne under control. It exfoliates the skin and keeps it fresh.

ENERGY BOOSTER: The potassium and the enzymes in ACV helps in refreshing the body and acts as an instant energy booster, leaving the fatigue aside.

SORE THROAT: The bacterial properties in ACV helps in clearing the sore throat when we gargle with ACV mixed in warm water.

PREVENTS BAD BREATH: A gargle with ACV aids in preventing the bad breath. It helps in killing the bacteria.