Is a hinged knee brace better? How long do you wear a hinged knee brace?

Is a hinged knee brace better? How long do you wear a hinged knee brace?

Are you considering a hinged knee brace? Have you heard that it’s the best way to address knee pain and mobility? You probably have more questions than answers. After all, how do you know if a hinged knee brace is truly better for your body—and how often should you wear it?

We’re here to help bring clarity for those looking for the right solution. Read on as we break down what makes a hinged knee brace unique and how long you should use one to get back in action again!

What is a hinged knee brace and why is it beneficial?

A hinged knee brace is an orthopedic device designed to provide support and stability for active individuals with weakened or injured knees.

In addition to providing extra support, hinged knee braces can also be used to restrict the range of motion in a knee joint or prevent hyperextension.

This makes them an invaluable tool for athletes, especially those engaging in contact sports such as football, rugby and basketball, who are at risk of suffering ligament damage due to sudden impacts or awkward landings.

Hinged knee braces are not just beneficial for athletes; they can also help people with pre-existing conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, medial collateral ligament tears, ACL tears and PCL tears.

Different types of hinged knees braces are available:

  • Functional Brace
  • Prophylactic Brace
  • Rehabilitative Brace
  • Post-operative Brace

Functional braces are designed for activities that involve a high degree of stress on the knees such as running, jumping, and contact sports like football. These braces generally offer more stability than other types and provide additional protection against ligament injuries and hyperextension.

Prophylactic braces are designed to protect knees from common movements during sporting activities like running or jumping. These braces often feature straps or Velcro fastenings which enable them to be adjusted accordingly so they can fit snugly around the knee and provide maximum protection.

Rehabilitative braces are designed to support knees during the healing process after an injury. They are usually lightweight and offer more range of motion than other types, allowing you to move your knee freely while providing protection from further damage.

Post-operative braces can be used after a major surgery such as joint replacement or ACL reconstruction. These braces often feature adjustable straps for added comfort and stability, helping to keep the knee in place while it is healing.

No matter what type of hinged knee brace you need, there is something out there that will suit your needs perfectly. Be sure to speak with your doctor online or in-person before making any decisions so they can recommend the best option for you.

Find the list of Knee brace options here,

Nebula Knee Brace Short Type 12″ Medium

DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite Left Small

Donjoy X-Act ROM Lite Knee Brace

Donjoy Playmaker II Knee Brace Large

Aircast Reaction Knee Brace Small

Tynor Knee Support Hinged (Neo)

Benefits of wearing a hinged knee brace and how long you should wear it

– A hinged knee brace can provide the wearer with improved joint stability, pain relief and increased confidence in physical activities.

– It should be worn during any activity that may put strain on the knee joint – such as running, walking or jumping – to decrease the risk of injury.

– It should also be worn after an injury to help promote healing by providing compression and support.

– Generally, a hinged knee brace should be worn for a minimum of four weeks after an injury to ensure proper healing occurs. After this time period, you may gradually reduce your use of the brace according to your doctor’s instructions.

– For those with chronic conditions affecting their knees, wearing a hinged knee brace may help provide ongoing support and prevent further injury. It is recommended to wear the brace for long periods of time or whenever participating in activities that may worsen your symptoms.

Tips for wearing a hinged knee brace correctly and monitoring your progress

– For optimal use, you should wear your hinged knee brace for at least 6 weeks. This will give the ligaments time to heal properly and will allow the joint to become accustomed to the support provided by the brace.

– It is important that you monitor your progress during this time period in order for you to make sure that your knee is healing correctly. Make sure to pay attention to any pain or discomfort that you may feel while wearing the brace and report this to your doctor if necessary.

– You should also check the fit of your brace after a few days of wear, as it may need to be adjusted for better comfort and support. If it feels too tight, then consult with your physician so that adjustments can be made.

– Lastly, make sure that you are following all instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding cleaning and maintenance of the brace in order for it to perform its job effectively.

Steps to take if your hinged knee brace is causing discomfort or pain

  1. If the discomfort or pain continues, you should consult a doctor immediately.
  2. Ensure your brace is fitted correctly and securely to avoid any irritation or rubbing while walking or running.
  3. You might consider trying a different size/style of brace if the current one isn’t doing its job properly.
  4. Make sure to take breaks from wearing the brace when necessary and don’t push through pain – listen to your body!
  5. Try using various padding materials like foam, felt, cotton wool etc for better cushioning and comfort around the area of contact with the brace.
  6. Choose breathable fabrics like mesh fabrics for your leg braces so that air can circulate freely over your skin, preventing it from getting too hot or uncomfortable.
  7. Finally, take extra precaution if you have an existing medical condition such as arthritis – check with your doctor that the brace will be suitable for you to wear.
  8. Remember that any discomfort should not be taken lightly and always consult a professional before continuing to use the brace further.

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