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Mental wellness in work place!!

Mental wellness in work place!!

Creating a place that people love to come for work is a challenge. Workplace stress is the harmful physical and emotional reaction to excessive work pressure. You know this exists when employees feel overwhelmed and just can’t cope and absenteeism is on the rise.

Causes of workplace stress

  • Long working hours
  • Boring work
  • Over supervision
  • Harassment from mean managers
  • Lack of say in duty lists or leave

Causes from the employee …

  • Poor interpersonal skills
  • Presence of mental illness like depression, anxiety or psychosis
  • Personal issues like a sick child, or messy divorce

The responsibility of creating a healthy workplace environment falls squarely on the management. A culture of respect to all the staff should be cultivated.

Zero tolerance policy must be in place to

  • Sexual harassment
  • Name calling
  • Discrimination based on gender, Creed or caste

Frequent feedback should be obtained from staff, either by talking or through questionnaires regarding their workplace satisfaction. Natural light, plants and flowers on desks, brighten up the place and makes for happy employees!

  • When employees are heard and supported productivity increases, employee attrition rates come down.
  • There is a feeling of working for the organization for a common good and friction is reduced.
  • Free counseling sessions for staff with personal problems can be handled by senior management or trained counselors.
  • Creating opportunities for staff to socialize.
  • Welcome for newcomers, farewell and thanks for retiring staff.
  • Staff outings and staff dinners all promote bonding and a healthy workplace.

Finally awareness about mental illness.. By talking about depression and schizophrenia we can help decrease the stigma attached. Guest lectures on mental health issues and discussions on treating those with mental illness with dignity. Support and encouragement to access mental health facilities for those employees suffering from mental illness and a policy to take back those recovered individuals should be welcomed..

Dr.Kavitha Arun Kumar

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