Dr.Odin’s Smart- Walking Stick GB-819


Dr.Odin’s Smart- Walking Stick GB-819

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Product Highlights

  • Walking Stick for ease of usage
  • Helps eliminate adding extra weight and pressure to certain areas of the spine and joint
  • Helps you stay in shape and boosts your metabolism
  • Has LED Torch light for a walk in the dark
  • Comes with a FM Radio that entertains you while you are on the walk
  • SOS Alarm for emergency purpose
  • Easy to maintain Rechargeable Battery

Expert's Advice

Dr. Odin’s Smart Walking Stick- GB819 is a lightweight walking stick and comes with an SOS Alarm, FM Radio, LED Torch, adjustable length feature and Rechargeable Battery. Become an ideal choice for seniors while walking. A perfect way to help heal and regain your mobility

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MRP: 4,400.00

MRP: 4,400.00

Dr.Odin’s Smart- Walking Stick GB-819

MRP: 4,400.00

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  • Helpful for elderly people who are having mobility issues
  • Reduce load-bearing weight on knees, hips and spine
  • Made with lightweight aluminum 
  • Portable and easy to be carried around while walking. 
  • Having an LED torch helps the user to be aware of their surroundings in the case of low light 
  • Comes with a red light indicator for the night
  • Has a rechargeable battery which is easy to maintain and charge and does not require any cumbersome processes.
  • The length of the walking stick is adjustable so that it can cater to the perfect height of any person who is supposed to be using it.
  • Comes with 85-97 cm adjustable height based on different human heights, which makes it more user-friendly.
  • SOS alarm gives the user the flexibility to press it to contact others if they are facing any emergency or problem.

Directions for Use

  • When standing up straight, the top of the stick should reach to the crease in your wrist.
  • Your elbow should be slightly bent when you hold your stick.
  • Hold the stick in the hand opposite the side that needs support. For example, if your right leg is injured, hold the stick in your left hand.

Safety information

  • Simply brush off any dirt or dust with a dry cloth and your job is done. 
  • If dirt seems to be sticking on, wipe with a damp cloth and dry it completely before storing it.
  • As you clean, pay attention to any broken bits, nicks or scratches.


Durability – Walking sticks are lightweight, but they should also be durable. 

Length, Grips, and Tips – The ability to maintain good posture is important when choosing a walking stick.

Adjustability and Material.

 The walking stick should be held on the side of the stronger leg. For example, if your right leg is stronger, you need to hold the stick in your right hand, even if you’re left-handed.

If you have pain in your back, walking stick is a perfect way to help heal and regain your mobility. A walking stick helps eliminate adding extra weight and pressure to certain areas of the spine and joint which helps you stay in shape and boosts your metabolism.

Older adults have found that walking sticks can reduce load-bearing weight on their knees, hips and spine. They  could enjoy the outdoors, get exercise and rotate their  spine.

Walking sticks help to share the load of your weight and any pack that you might be carrying more evenly across the whole body. Walking sticks can also protect  knees from the impact of walking, especially when walking downhill. Helps to increase walking speed, especially going downhill.

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