Cureka’s Commitment to the Health of Your Parents

Cureka’s Commitment to the Health of Your Parents

Taking care of elders is not just a responsibility; it’s also a core purpose of serving humanity with integrity and dignity. Taking care of the elderly is a simple task if you mix love with the right products to make caring for your parents easy, affordable, and worry free. Cureka is here to help with a range of quality Medical equipment for elderly, which are designed to help seniors enjoy their lives and retain a sense of independence.

The technological boom has paved the way in healthcare to make routine support cost-effective and less time consuming. Seven products that may help you keep your parents healthy for years to come include:

Blood Pressure Machine

Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine the purpose of the equipment is to save your parents unwarranted trips to the hospital and better management of hypertension. Combined with monthly checks a senior citizen will be healthier. Any early warnings of looming issues also will be kept under check .

Glucose Monitor:

A normal glucose level maintained is the way to keep your eyes , kidneys and heart from any lurking damage caused by diabetes. Accurate glucose monitoring is critical to keeping a check on blood glucose levels . It helps one take the right amount of insulin and avoids sudden drops in sugar levels which again is a serious problem in diabetics .

The care you give to your elder should make you and them feel like it’s an easy, simple routine for the benefit of health; just like exercise. This advanced glucose monitoring device means you, and your parents, can effectively monitor their blood glucose levels from home.

The Ear Hearing Aid:

Time makes us young again as we age. It may be quite hard for us to walk properly, we need naps during the day, and we may not be able to hear words clearly. This is the circle of life. While some signs of aging are just a fact of life which we all must accept, hearing loss is not one of them. With a quality hearing aid from Cureka, your parents will enjoy the sounds, conversations, and laughter around them for years to come. Giving your parents their hearing back gives them the gift of enjoying the sounds they yearned to hear; this is the ultimate gesture of love and responsibility.Make them hear you, so that communication will create the bond of happiness on both sides.

Get rid of hearing impairment by using our hearing aid. The simple design makes it comfortable for wearing and almost invisible.

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter effectively measures the oxygen level in ones blood . It is non invasive and very easy to use . Asthmatics need this to make sure they are not getting worse than what they are . Especially with age sudden drop in oxygen levels are noted in some bad asthmatics. One can help their parents out by keeping their oxygen levels under check to avoid emergencies.

Walking Aids

Walking is a very effective exercise at any age . One doesn’t need expensive equipment’s or expensive gym membership or training videos for this . A slow walk around ones house or somewhere near by keeps one mentally fit too .

Ensure your parents walk safely and confidentially with the right walking aid. A range of walking aids are available with various features so make sure to talk to your Cureka advisor to pick the perfect one for mom or dad.

Step Counters

With three dimensional sensor technologies and lithium ion batteries that give approximately 6 months life, you’ll find our step counters useful for years to come. These step counters display the number of steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned. They even feature historical data so you can review walking trends over time. Make sure your parents stay fit and get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity each day with our step counters.


Thermometers are more accurate and easier to use than ever. From our cutting edge Dual Mode Infrared Thermometer to the compact Thermoscan Ear Thermometer or our range of Non Contact Thermometers, they come in a range of options. When accuracy and ease-of-use is a must, contact Cureka to pick the perfect thermometer for your parents.

30 minutes of physical activity per day can be tracked with any wearable with multiple features can also prove effective.