Benefits Of Wearables

Benefits Of Wearables

Smart watches and activity trackers has been a huge surge of popularity in wearable technology.
Both companies and consumers are today using different types of techniques for bringing a variety of applications to the market.

1. Encourages Personal Responsibility and Self-Monitoring

The biggest advantage of wearables is that it provides easy access to your personal health data, allowing you to have more control over your own health. You can now finally take your health in your own hands.

2. Having a Higher Awareness about your Operating Levels

When you are able to self-monitor your own health metrics, you are able to better understand how your day-to-day activities are influencing your body. For example, a wearable known as Bootstrap allows you to track your data 24/7, keeping you aware about what exactly is going on in your body. It will even let you know how a night out with friends drinking and partying is affecting your body, or how a day spent at the beach has affected your health.

3. Monitoring your Heart Rate

Most of the wearable fitness trackers are able to measure your heart rate and this is a helpful metric to have with you, especially the measurement of resting heart rate. In fact, knowing and monitoring your resting heart rate is actually a much better indicator of your overall health as it also monitors how your lifestyle is influencing your baseline heart health and how this is going to impact your overall health.

4. Comparing your Health to other Averages

All these wearable technologies allow you to get a better understanding of where you stand compared to others on the health front. For the companies, also, it is possible to predict macro trends and take out averages of people’s health across demographics having access to your health metrics. It may help you decide on changing your exercise routine and lifestyle to better match up or do better than the average for your age.

5. Activity Tracking

There are also many wearables that allow you to track a person’s activities. This is especially helpful if you want to keep a track of your child. Many wearables come with dual sensors – shoe-clip and wristband, allowing them to track twice the amount of motion data. The GPS function in these wearables also allows you to know a person’s location. This is also great if you are leaving a child or toddler at a daycare facility. It helps you also identify and record new activities, allowing you to choose activities that are healthier and will ultimately help you live longer.

The advent of wearable technology today has provided you with the ability to not just monitor your fitness levels, but also view text messages, track location with GPS, monitor your other smart devices, and basically improved the quality of your life, making it far easier to manage things. Perhaps the best part of all this is that wearables allow you to do all this while being hands-free and portable, thus eliminating the need to constantly take the devices out of your pockets.

Dr.Sathish Devadoss,MBBS.,MS(Ortho),M.Ch,
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Medical Director