Romsons cell mat air mattress with air pump – bed sore prevention kit


Romsons cell mat air mattress with air pump – bed sore prevention kit

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Product Highlights

  • Recommended for prevention of pressure sores in bedridden patients.
  • Alternative pressure distribution for pain relief and healing.
  • High efficiency air pump delivers automatic inflation and deflation.
  • Tubular mattress system delivers alternative pressure system with no air loss.
  • Seamless design and medical grade material.
  • The motor can be hung to the bed with the hooks provided.
  • Pump operates at very low sound level.
  • Specially designed to deliver heat dissipation and energy saving.
  • Easy to clean with disinfectant.
  • Perfect choice for immobilized or weaker patients.

Expert's Advice

Cell mat bed sore prevention mattress allows ventilation and also increased blood supply to all tissues thus decreasing pressure to the tissues in bedridden patients with its unique pressure alternating therapy and prevents bedsore and helps healing process of existing sores.

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MRP: 10,800.00

MRP: 10,800.00

Romsons cell mat air mattress with air pump – bed sore prevention kit

MRP: 10,800.00

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  • Promotes blood circulation and helps manage skin maceration.
  • Evenly distributes weight to relieve pressure spots for exceptional support and comfort.
  • Increases circulation, thus decreasing the pressure to the tissues in bedridden patients.
  • Keeps the interface pressure against patient’s skin at a level below capillary occlusion.
  • Tubular mattress system that is ideal for patients with severe bedsores and ulcer
  • The air pump provides sequential inflation and deflation of the air cells throughout the mattress forming an air channel up and down in the mattress to redistribute pressure.
  • The air pump is heavy duty for long life which operates quietly, without causing any vibration and energy saving.
  • Mattress can resist a temperature of -30 degree Celsius and supports weight of 110kg.


Use it for

  • Patients with injured legs
  • Waist injury
  • Coma
  • Bedridden
  • Cerebral attack
  • Heart patient
  • Arthritis patient who cannot move.

Accessories :

  • Mattress
  • Motor and spare cell
  • Air pump with air hose

Direction of use:

  • Place mattress with hose end towards the footboard of the bed frame.
  • Using the integrated hook hang the pressure pump to the foot board or place it on any smooth flat surface as per your convenience.
  • Connect air hose from mattress to the pump.
  • Turn on power switch. The pump inflates the mattress.
  • After inflation adjust the mattress using the dial on the pump.

Safety information:

  • Clean and sterilize once in two days.
  • Store in a dry place
  • Prevent from dampness


Air bed is more effective in prevention of bed sores and allows free air movement.

Unfold and place the air bed onto a foam mattress in such a way that the connections are located on the foot side. Connect one end to the air compressor and other end to the air bed. Turn on the air pump.

Great option for everyday use.

Decubitis ulcer is an open wound on the skin that arises due to pressure. Also known as bed sore or pressure sore.

Evenly distributes pressure for bed ridden patients and also automatic inflation and deflation maintains pressure to relieve pain.

No. Cushions well and gives soft feel and relieves pain by relieving pressure spots

No. keep the air pump on for even distribution of pressure. Automatically inflates and deflates. Quieter operation will not disturb the sleep.

The pump can be easily mounted on the bed with back hooks or you can also place it on flat smooth surface near the bed. Takes less space and easy to operate.

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