Tips to protect your hair from sun damage.

Tips to protect your hair from sun damage.

When we think about sun damage, we tend to focus on the face and arms. But hair is directly exposed to the sun and prolonged exposure can also damage its structure. 

Interestingly sun damage can cause 


-Dry and brittle hair strands

-Broken or split ends

-Thinning and frizziness. 

Your hair is more prone to sun damage if you have thin, flat, tightly coiled, dry, or treated hair.

Tips to avoid sun damage :  

  • Wrap a scarf around your hair, wear a wide-brimmed hat, or use an umbrella when staying under the sun for longer periods. 
  • If your hair type is more prone to damage from the sun, then try to fix outings early or late in the day. Midday overhead sun causes maximum damage.
  • Exposing wet hair to the
  • The sun causes damage to happen sooner than dry hair, since the cuticle layer is not fully intact in wet hair. Wear a swim cap or put your hair up in a high bun to keep your hair dry, when swimming in a pool or beach. 

. Rinse the pool water — which contains chemicals like chlorine — out of your hair with clear water before walking around.  

  • (Shampoos and conditioners)fortified with SPF are available to shield hair against harmful rays. Coloured, treated hair or people who stay under the sun regularly can opt for this.
  • Sweating and humidity add to the damage by direct sun. Avoid leaving products on your scalps, like styling gels and sprays, which can mix with sweat and make your scalp greasy and hair flat.  
  • Prefer hairstyles with hair ties or hair up rather than letting all strands loose and exposing them to the sun.
  • After a day of excessive sun exposure, you can use a leave-in (conditioner)or (serum)overnight to hydrate hair. Make sure the scalp is clean, else go for gentle shampooing or plain water wash and apply leave-in conditioner in semi-dry hair.  

Sun damage can not only happen to the skin but hair too. Good hair care will keep your crowning glory healthy for long