Vaginal tightening treatment

Vaginal tightening treatment

Women are shy and fear to talk about the vagina. But your vagina is also a part of your body like your lips, ears, nose or leg. We fear being judged while speaking about this sensitive area. Women of this era are aware of sexual education but unaware of care needed for sexual organs and muscles surrounding it.

Everyone is mindful of aging and perceive it differently. Yet this care gets limited to the external appearance of facial skin. Aging is not happening only in the face and neck, it also happens in the intimate areas. There’s nothing wrong in having a narrow or wide vagina. But when it leads to other issues, vaginal tightening is an available choice. It is also a practical option for the modern woman, who is always busy and faces lifestyle changes. If that’s you, lets see how to care your vagina as you would care your hair or skin.


 After menopause, or childbirth, or due to age; when the vagina loses the muscle tone it becomes wide. Vaginal tightening can help to prevent the discomfort as well as health conditions related to it. Most women find issues with it as the lubrication and elasticity lowers with age. But when it comes to issues like sexual dysfunction, vaginal atrophy, vaginal laxity, painful intercourse and stress incontinence, it can deteriorate the quality of life.

To rectify this there is an enormous number of treatments available nowadays to rejuvenate the private area. But some measures can be maintained at home to prevent it. As we all know prevention is better than opting for a cure.

Improving the strength of your pelvic floor muscles supports pelvic organs as well as the vagina. Kegel exercise is the most common method to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This can make the pelvic floor muscle stronger, strengthen the sling-shaped muscle that supports the pelvic organs, including the vagina and prevents incontinence. But does not help with narrowing vagina.


Age and childbirth can cause the vaginal walls to become looser. On the other hand women who never gave birth can also experience the issue as hormone changes as you age.

Loss in muscle mass is common as you age, thus leading to weak muscles.

As you age, the levels of oestrogen in your body decrease. Because of less oestrogen, the tissues in your vulva become thin, pale, and less plump.

With lower oestrogen levels in your body, recurrent infection and urinary incontinence can become more frequent. This is because the tissues around the urethra also get thinner along with the tissue around the vulva, which makes you more prone to urinary tract infections(UTIs).


Vaginal tightening not only tightens but also delivers many benefits for women to maintain a good quality and stress free life.

Women experience different problems at different stages of life with the vagina. So vaginal tightening may be beneficial at an early stage to get rid of common conditions related to the vagina.

Post childbirth vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal tightening treatments help women improve lubrication, prevent recurrence of infection, improves vaginal laxity and also symptoms related to vaginal atrophy.

Vaginal rejuvenation also benefits by treating stress urine incontinence.

Doctor’s Note: Vaginal atrophy is a condition where the vagina becomes dry, and may also have thinner vaginal walls due to lesser estrogen levels. Stress urine incontinence is where, few pass urine when they cough or sneeze which causes stress on bladder and urine leaks.

Menopause sets one into an array of new changes which do have some remedies. These changes set in due to the deficiency of Oestrogen which drops once you attain menopause.

Post menopausal women face problem with recurrent urinary infection, urinary problems and vaginal dryness


It can be done in 3 ways using creams, non-invasive laser treatment and surgery.


Hyaluronic Acid vaginal gels are alternatives to vaginal oestrogen. It improves skin texture to a certain extent and decreases dryness of any kind. Using it once in 3 days is effective for long term results related to dryness and itching caused due to the dryness. Water based ones usually have lesser side effects and safe to use in the vagina.

Using harsh soaps on the vagina also disturbs the natural microflora of vagina and may lead to dryness and other conditions. Such simple things also should be avoided and followed with care to prevent ending up with surgery.

Fennel ethanol extract creams are also used for vaginal atrophy in menopausal women.

Usage of these creams most of the times helps in improving general symptoms of itching, dryness and localised problems.

Laser :

There are several lasers which can give good results when done with experts. Lasers tightens the vaginal tissue and enhances natural lubrication and pleasure during intercourse.

For most women looking for vaginal rejuvenation, laser treatment, exercise or both are the best options.

Surgery :

The only treatment that will have drastic, long-term results is a vaginoplasty procedure. Vaginoplasty is the procedure to improve the vagina’s appearance and function in individual seeking repair post childbirth and other conditions that leads to loose vagina. This vaginal rejuvenation procedure includes labiaplasty and vulvoplasty. Labioplasty to decrease the fleshy lobes size and vulvoplasty to reshape the outer part of the vagina. Post surgical care depends on the type of surgery performed and recovery may last anywhere from few weeks to months.


It depends on the treatment. Creams and gels may cause irritation to the vaginal flora. At the other end of the scale is surgery, where potential side effects can include nerve damage, infection or damage to the rectum or bladder.

Laser and exercises can help tighten vagina without causing any side effects when done regularly and under medical guidance.

To stay away from all these issues, women must take concern for issues at the earliest. There are lots of misconceptions that exist around vaginal health, so developing a knowledge base is key, to make informed decisions.