Can we all have soft and silky hair?

Can we all have soft and silky hair?

Soft and silky hair texture is everyone’s dream!! This is not something achieved once with hair treatments, but rather have to be maintained with regular hair care.

As we all know, hair is 90% protein with layers of cells. When the outermost layer, the cuticle, is completely intact and the hair is rich in protein, the hair looks healthier and smoother. Let’s look at some tips to maintain hair:

Gentle shampooing – not more than thrice a week. Choose shampoos with less harsh surfactants, as harsher ones like SLS strips hair of moisture. Avoid lathering too much on the hair shaft and restrict directly shampooing the scalp.

Conditioners – routine use of conditioners post shampoo wash neutralizes charged hair, leaving hair smooth and frizz free. Deep conditioning can be done once per week.

Hair combing practices – never comb wet hair. Cuticle layers are lifted when hair is wet and handling hair by combing, twisting or knotting at this time can damage hair. Advisably use a wide toothed comb and detangle gently.

Hair serums – silicone-based serums on semi dry or dry hair can coat the hair fibres. This prevents hair breakage, tangling and split ends. They should be applied to the lower section of your hair and not on the scalp.

Salon based hair conditioning treatment –can be availed once a month to help maintain your hair texture silky.

Split ends can also be trimmed to prevent them from extending and weakening hair. Gentle massage and deep cleansing also balance the scalp.

Oil application– regular oil application at home prior to hair wash can reduce the damage caused by shampoos and wetting hair. Weekly oil massages are helpful in stimulating the scalp too. Hair is softer after wash due to residual oils at the tips.

-Diet rich in protein– though mentioned last, this is probably one of the most important steps. Nourishing hair root from the inside builds a stronger hair rich in protein that is more likely to weather external damage. This ultimately helps in maintaining hair silky and smooth.

Not one aspect will spin the magic.Pinning down the reasons and addressing them promptly will make soft silky hair a reality.

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